Please, keep in mind that the only proof I have to say that this experience is real, is my own memory, and the friends who were there with me.

My best friend's parents own a small log cabin on a small secluded river in the middle of the forest. It is about a 2 mile hike from the nearest highway.
In this story, I will refer to my best friend as "M". Two more of my friends factor into this story, and I will refer to the one who is 16 years old as "P", and the 15 year old at "J". "M" and I were also 15.

This happened in mid June of 2019, so the event is fresh in my memory.
We were having a party to celebrate the end of our first year of high school. There were about 20 people who attended the party during the day, but "M", "J", "P", and myself, stayed for the night.
The actual party was very fun and we all went swimming up and down the river. Not too far from the cabin, there is a long rock that sticks about about 40 feet above the river which we have named "Chicken Rock" because if you don't jump off into the river, you're a chicken.

I love jumping off the rock, so myself and "M" quickly climbed up to the small outcropping. There were about 5 other people following us who wanted to jump. "M" and myself helped people climb up the small rock face to get to "Chicken Rock" so we were the last two people to jump off.I let "M" go first and I watched as he plummeted downward and landed in the river.

As I stood on the top of the rock I could see the forest around me, everyone swimming happily below, and, if my eyes were not deceiving me, something on the other side of the river in the forest.
It was pretty far back, but my high vantage allowed me to barely make out a large black shape. I don't know what it was, but my friends started yelling at me for taking too long and when I looked back, the thing was gone.

I jumped into the river and we swam back. I said nothing because it would sound insane. We ate dinner and everyone talked, but around 8 p.m, people who were not spending the night made their way back to the where we designated a space for them to park.
By 9 p.m, everyone except for myself, "M", "J", "P", and "M"'s family were gone. Now there were only eight of us.

My three friends and I went out to the edge of the river and built a small campfire. We sat around it for a good hour and just talked about the school year and our summer plans. We were having fun but then it began to pour and the fire was quickly put out.
We walked back to the cabin and all sat down inside. The sleeping arrangements were that my three friends and I would sleep on the screened in porch, while "M"'s family slept inside on the couch and bed. We went to sleep around 11 p.m, after playing some board games.
Nothing strange had happened since I jumped off the rock, but the night was about to take a turn for the worst.

We were sleeping on the screened in porch, and it was pretty uncomfortable, so we had a very hard time falling asleep. I do remember eventually falling asleep and when I woke up, it was almost pitch black. The only thing I could see was the faint outline of my friends, and the moon's reflection off the river faintly lighting the areas around it.
Something had woken me up but I was not exactly sure what. Then, I heard it.

There was a loud howl that was coming from the other side of the river. In fact, it sounded like it came from the place where I saw the thing earlier. I was completely silent, as the thing kept howling.
It went on for a good 20 minutes in the same spot before stopping. I stayed quiet and then realized my friends were no longer breathing deeply and slowly. They too, were awake, and had heard the howling.

My friend, "M", is a boy scout and he turned to us in the darkness and whispered, "I've never heard anything like that before." I quietly whispered back, "Could it be a coyote?" "M" answered me by saying, "No. That was no coyote. It was way too loud and deep. And it definitely was no wolf because we don't have any around here."
Now, we were all scared, lying on the screened in porch having no idea how long until the sun came up.

I don't know how long later, but it was not too long because my friends were awake whispering, the howling started again. It was in the same spot, and it the howling happened about every 30 seconds. After a few minutes, I noticed something.
The howling was getting fainter as it moved away from us and down the river towards the lake.

Then, it started getting closer. I whispered to "M", "It must have gone around the lake." And "M" responded, "It is getting closer." He was right.
The howling was getting louder and happened more frequently. Just when it sounded like it was right there, it ceased.

We were all completely quiet, not saying, and barely breathing. We could hear twigs cracking under something heavy. Whatever it was, walked near the water line. The moon's reflection illuminated it and we were all horrified yet amazed at the same time.
Whatever it was, it was massive. We have a hammock strung between two trees nearby about 3 feet off the ground.

This thing was more than two times the size of it and it was further away. I would guess it was at least eight feet tall. Then, it began growling. It walked on it's back legs, over to the cabin. The growling was so close as, whatever it was, stood right outside the screened porch. I thought it could just reach right through and grab us, but it never did.

I don't know how long it stood there before slowly making it's way back into the woods. The thump of it's steps and the branches cracking grew fainter and fainter as we all breathed a sigh of relief. We heard one final howl, and then heard it no more.
None of us fell asleep that night and when the sun finally came up, we were ready to leave. "M"'s family had heard whatever the thing was too and they asked us if we saw it. We told them about it and they were not sure what it was either.

One thing is for sure though, we all saw whatever that thing was, and we don't plan on going back anytime soon.
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This makes it much easier to read rather than a giant wall of text. Thank you for submitting your story (:


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