I remember this day like it happened just yesterday. I mean, how could I forget..

In the year 2004 I use to live in a really old apartment which use to be a bar back in the late 1800's. The upstairs apartment was were my family and I resided while the landlord worked every once in a while downstairs in his office, so he called it. 

Back when this apartment complex use to be a bar, the bar was located downstairs and if anyone was too intoxicated to drive home would come upstairs to sleep it off. 
Upon entering the upstairs apartment I automatically got this nauseous feeling and felt as though someone was watching us the entire time. 
I hated being in that apartment alone.

When it would just be me left alone I would hear what sounded like whispers but I couldn't make out what or who was talking.  I'd look out the windows to see if there was anyone outside talking, maybe the landlord with one of his customers or something. There would be nothing there. 

Sometimes I would hear creaking sounds on the floor in the hallway as if someone was walking. When I would take showers I'd keep my eyes wide open the whole time staring at the curtain just because you could feel that you were not alone in that bathroom. Also, I've seen shadows walk past the curtain and when I would check of course, no one was there. 

This one night around two o'clock in the morning I'm sitting in my living room watching the television waiting for my mother to get home.  I new she had went to the bar which was located right down the road. The bar closed at two so I new she would be walking through the door at any moment. And I new that when she did she was going to be wasted and I would have to help her into the bed, make sure she was alright. 

I'd say at two fifteen she come stumbling through the door. As soon as her eyes focused on me her whole attitude changed. It was like she wasn't my mother. When I looked into her eyes it was like she wasn't even there. It looked as if her pupil was covering the entire color of her eyes. We began to argue and fight. Saying hurtful things to one another to the point I couldn't Handel it anymore so I ran to my room just so the fighting would stop. 

When I slammed the door behind me I reached for the light switch to turn on the light. The bulb flickered then made this popping, sizzling sound. Great! The light bulb blew! Just my luck! At that point I didn't care I was just so aggravated and upset I just felt my way to the bed and laid with my face buried in the pillow. Wiping the tears from my eyes with the pillow case I suddenly feel what felt like fingers starting from the back of my neck moving all the way down my spine. I completely froze. I couldn't move let alone even want to move. 

I then build up the courage to sit up on the bed. I'm trying so hard to look around the room but the only little bit of light I have is the tiny bit of moon light shinning through my window which shined only on a small portion of my closet door.  Because some part of the closet door was all I could see I stared at it. I can't blink, I can't move, I don't even think I'm breathing at this point. 

Suddenly I hear a harsh squeaking noise and I notice that the closet door is slowly opening. I'm watching it carefully cause I know the dark can play tricks on you. 
But tonight, the dark was not playing tricks. The closet door opened more and more to the point now it opened about a foot wide. I keep telling myself run to the door but for some reason my legs felt completely numb. I wanted to scream but it felt like something was preventing me from doing so. 

Finally, the door stopped squeaking. Still staring just waiting to see something come walking out. I then felt something sit down on the edge of my bed next to me. I new there was something there cause when it sat down my bed made a noise, and my bed as well as my sheets had an indent in it as if someone was sitting in that spot. I got this ice cold chill just like I did when something touched my back. 

Then I felt it get up off the bed and I heard what almost sounded like boots on a hard wooden floor walking around the bed towards me. At this moment I new I had to move! I had to hurry and find my way to the door. I ran to my bedroom door frantically searching for the door knob. Let me tell you when I found that door knob I threw that door open so quick to were it hit the wall so hard it left a hole and I ran out of that room like a bat out of hell! 

That night I slept right next to my mom in her bed. I never went back into that room again! I resided in that apartment for two months after this incident. I then moved in with my boyfriend at the time and never been back to that apartment. 
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