I am a veterinarian in an emergency vet clinic. I was on night duty. We have a two-story clinic. the second floor is used for food storage and supplies also there is the changing/break room. At night we lock everything and we remote control all doors. This happened around a year ago. In the clinic, we had 3 cats with feline distemper which were all in the x-ray room as quarantine. In the infirmary we had a female dog that had started giving birth and was being monitored as well as a bearded dragon with burns. In the basement we had a few strays and some dogs that were in hostel.

In the break room we have an elderly macaw that was abandoned and we got attached. We had more animals of course but those are the ones that are relevant. It was storming bad that night. I had the door open in case one of the stray cats decided to take shelter.

I was doing paperwork and nothing really was out of the ordinary. I checked on the mother. She had birthed 2 pups and by the looks of it had a few more to come. Everything was quiet except for the storm outside. I heard a bang upstairs. I thought it might be a window or something. I went upstairs and one of the windows had opened. Outside it was pouring and there was frequent thunder. I could hear the macaw screaming so after I closed the window I went in the break room.

His cage was on its side and he was freaking out inside. I had no idea how the cage had fallen so I took him out to check if he was hurt. He was very aggressive which was very unusual for him.

He is a gentle boy even when we got him after some heavy abuse he was a sweetheart and was friendly to even strangers. But that night he was as vicious as he could be. He managed to bite me quite badly. I had to get a towel to restrain him and had to leave him in his cage to go stop the bleeding on my arm and get a hood and some bandages to tie his feet up. I tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. I tried multiple times to get it to open.

The door does not have a lock and there is nothing that can block it.

I could hear the wind howling outside but there was no way a draft could keep the door closed. I could hear barking from downstairs and wailing. I kept trying to open the door when all went silent. The macaw stopped screaming the wind stopped the barking stopped. After a night of constant thunder all was silent. I tried to force the door open and fell on the other side. It opened like a breeze. The window was still closed. Nothing to make a draft. I went downstairs and the rain had stopped. Now it was a light drizzle.

I went to check on the macaw. He was gone. His body was in an awful twisted mess. His eyes were as small as pinheads. In his last moment he was terrified. I took him downstairs wanting to try and to resuscitation but it was useless. Birds can die of stress and he was an older bird. Procedures say that I should put him in a bag and take him down to the freezer but I couldn't. I cared for him and I wanted to mourn him. I went into the infirmary to get something to stop my bleeding arm.

The mother had killed her now 3 puppies and was panting. She passed about an hour later during birth. Those 3 cats in the x-ray room were almost dead too.

They had been thrashing in the cages really bad. One had managed to almost choke itself on his IV. Downstairs 1 of the strays was also dying. It was malnourished and the reason it was here but it should have been fine. In that 1 night in that one storm 9 animals died. And on the next day that bearded dragon died from exhaustion. I don't know what happened that night. We have had storms but never one that bad. Cameras show me going up and the door slams shut.

That is it. We have never had such a thing happen. We have had storms but never something to stress animals like that. I still work here.

And it's been storming this whole week. And it's getting worse and worse.

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