My mother has told me this not to long ago. She suspects that someone is stalking her, or its something else. To this day, she still doesn't know what to believe. I don't know what to believe either. This is her first time telling me this story, and it has scarred her ever since. 

  A long time ago, when i was about 20 or 22 years old, i had a big house with even bigger windows. This was a new house, because i have just moved away from my parents house. It didn't seem evil at first. I was that person who was easily drawn to the outside of an object, rather than the inside. I called my 3 friends over. I will call then Sam, Sunny and Ricky. We have been friends ever since grade 1. We were one troublesome gang of kids back then. Teachers would get fed up with us and even in middle school Rick was sent to an alternative school. 

  Anyways, I called my friends over and they all came fairly quickly. I didn't make any plans so we all decided we could just chill out and play some games and talk. We loved talking. We loved talking so much that we would even cut each other off because our minds just kept giving us new things to talk about and we couldn't help it. Sunny was sitting near a window watching cars speed by. Whenever she got  tired of talking she dazed off into space. 

  I was making my way upstairs. this house was 2 stories high. When you walk up the first flight of stairs, high up on the wall there is one small window. There are 2 flights or stairs. So when i finished walking up, the first room i walked into was one unoccupied room. Well...I already started putting junk in there and the pile is rising up by the days that pass by. 

  I was now in the bedroom. In there, i had one large bookshelf, 2 huge windows, and a bathroom as well. 

  This house is so HUGE. I thought. The door behind me hit the wall suddenly. I turned only to see Sam laughing her head off. Annoyed, I      asked her why she was laughing. She tried to answer, but she  had trouble trying to stifle her  laughter between her words. 

  "Bro...bro..." She struggled.

  "SAY IT!' I suddenly snapped at her.

  "Me and Ricky were just looking up some monsters caught on camera on YouTube. We saw this thumbnail with a tall black figure just standing on a sidewalk watching through the screen. Then Ricky said that it was probably his dead uncle looking for someone because he wasn't buried correctly."

  Yikes. I thought was a pang of fright. I didn't think that was funny. But Sam thought it was. Instead of laughing i just warned her that what Ricky said was no laughing matter.

  Sam's whole expression changed. From smiling to complete guilt. "Sorry," she said. "I will tell him that later on."

  It was nighttime. Sam and Ricky were fast asleep. It was only me and Sunny. Sunny was on her phone on whatever app. I was on my bed lying on my back facing the ceiling. The light was off, and now the room was the darkest of the dark. There was no moon, so the only light i could see was the light coming from Sunny's phone.

  The large window was covered in blinds. That even made the room 10 times darker. Then Sunny asked me a question that made me sit up.

  "I wonder if we are going to see him again," she said. She put her phone on charger and turned to me direction. I couldn't see anything, and the only expression I guessed she was making was only a blank one.

  "Who's 'him'?" I ask Sunny.

  Sunny doesn't talk for a moment. I thought she must have fallen asleep. But then she answers.

  "Oh he will come. He comes every night. There's no stopping him. He stops at every house. Every apartment. He will visit us tonight! No matter what."

  Weird. I say in my mind. After that, Sunny no longer said anything.

  I wake up. So I have slept. For some reason, the large window behind me was making me want to stand up, and walk towards it. Half of me was saying to obey, and have of me was trying to stay in bed. But i didn't want to sleep. I wanted to see what was outside the window. I knew this was going to be a bad idea, but for some reason I ignored that and stood up.

  I silently opened the blinds. Nothing was on the sidewalk. Just darkness I could slightly see in.

  All through that 3 minutes I stood there looking out there only 1 car past through. Finally convinced that nothing bad was outside, I turned away. Only turned halfway around. Because something caught my eye. And when i turned back around, I saw something that scarred me forever.

  Right there, was one tall black figure. It was the blackest thing. Blacker than the shadows around it. It was tall, but lanky. The arms almost touched the ground. It was hunched over. The only thing that scared me the most was the giant white glowing eyes. The only thing on this thing that wasn't black. It was looking at me. Unblinking eyes.

  Turn away. Turn away. TURN AWAY. My panicked mind forced me. That's when the tall figure outside did the unpredictable.

  I did not hesitate to make my jaw drop as it started to wave at me. It waved! It waved at me! Why would a being of such demonic appearance wave at me like a friendly person?

  There was sudden shuffling from behind me.

  Sunny pulled up beside me. "Say hello to it."

  That sounded like an order to me. But I did what she told me to do.

  "Hello," me and Sunny say in unison.

  The figure opened a mouth, filled with bright glowing white teeth. "HELLO YOU TWO" It said in a loud voice that seemed to echo off of everything. Then it vanished. Like it wasn't there. I could not believe it. Sunny talked to this thing.

  Sunny looked at me and smiled. She then went back to bed. I was left to question what i just saw. As scary as it looked, maybe it was not evil. Maybe the figure just stopped by for a hello? Is there something else I don't know? Is it connected to Sunny somehow?
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Darkness Prevails
Darkness Prevails here - I narrated this story (should appear on my channel soon). I'm assuming the story was told from your Mom's point of view, correct? That's how I narrated it. I hope that's right.
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