Another french surrender
I live in a small town in northeast Ohio.
I was born in Wooster hospital but moved a few years later to Denver then Cleveland then Columbus but then into where I live now with my grandparents and uncle.

Me and my grandpa did a guys night out kinda thing because my mom, grandma, and aunt lived there too. This was in 2010 when I was around 5-6 years old.
We went camping for 3 days at Mohican which was absolutely beautiful.
We had all the essentials with us; food, water, fishing stuff, extra clothes, mud boots, a BIG hunting knife, and of course bear mace.

We got the tent all set up and started cooking some steaks which my grandpa did amazingly like always, but I felt like I was being watched.
We were at the bank of the river with trees on three sides of us so I thought it was a squirrel or rabbit or raccoon which I always thought were cute.

The first night was strange, I could hear movement over my grandpas loud snoring and when we got up we saw foot prints. My grandpa said it was coyotes which he was old and wise (he was 50 but very wise about nature)
But the next night I heard howling not like a wolf or coyote but an inhuman howl and scratching.

The next day we went fishing but suddenly it went dead silent. My grandpa told me to pack up the supplies and to get to camp. We did and got everything packed up by dusk.
We got the hell into the suburban and got outa there I asked why and my grandpa said that the forest only goes silent if something big is around.

He had his hunting knife in between his and my seat which scared me but we stopped at a gas station and got me a big bag of gummy worms which is my favorite candy and so I spent the whole ride back eating gummies and looking out into the darkness.
What made me remember this was in 3rd grade I did research on the grey wolf and looked up what wild dog and dog relatives footprints look like.

The footprints at Mohican did not look like coyote footprints. I forgot about it again but last week we went through that area again and it rained hard but I heard that inhuman howl again and I immediately perked up and my grandpa heard it too.
He looked uneasy but said it was just a coyote but it was not a coyote. I looked up what it could be but couldn’t find anything but I don’t think I want to.

I love nature and nothing can change that even this can’t but I know not to disturb it and not to stay if it’s quiet.
Joel D Prichard
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