I was 13 at the time I had a big brother named Lucas, My mother's name is Hailey and my dad's name is jack. We lived in the country we wanted a little more privacy. We had big cows. We lived in Nevada. My dad had me and my brother do a headcount on the cows. We had 60 acres of land and 37 cows when we did the headcount all of them were there.

A couple of hours later my dad caught the cows going crazy He looked on his camera's and the cows were going nuts they were running as fast as they could! They ran all the way from the south pasture to the north pasture. My dad, me, and my brother did another headcount there was only 36 so I thought one was still down in the south pasture. When I looked I saw the cow it was laying down on its side.

At first, I thought that it had fallen asleep but when I took a closer look it wasn't breathing.

Then my dad and my brother finally got down here and when my dad saw it he told my brother to get the truck we had a cow to bury. Later it was two in the morning when I heard a loud noise come from the woods? I decided to go check it out. I grabbed my flashlight and went to check it out.

When I got there there was a huge hole where we buried the cow and a trail of blood leading deeper into the forest so I followed it thinking that some stupid bear or something dug it up and went to go eat it.

I followed the blood trail and I saw something that looked like a deer it had antlers. When I went to take a closer look it was not some deer this thing had no fur and had weird looking arms and it was almost eight feet tall! It was eating the cow I ran as fast as I could back to the house and I woke up my mom and dad and told them what happened. They didn't, believe me, they said you probably had a bad dream I protested but he said I don't want to hear any more about this now back to bed! I went back to bed that night I hadn't fallen asleep that night still seeing in my mind that horrible thing eating the cow.

In the morning I went to check on the cows. To my surprise they were running around they were being chased by that thing I watched it catch another cow I went to get my mom and dad but when we got there it was gone along with the cow my dad said it escaped because he found a hole in the fence large enough for a cow.

But I know exactly what got that cow and I never went to check on the cows much less I rarely ever went outside When I was 26 I moved to las vegas and that's it for my experience I will never get cows again.
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