Some buddies and I had been planning a camping trip for a few months in Tennessee. I'm in the Marine Corps and had some prior camping experience.

We decided that the beginning of the New Year would be a good time to go, as we would all be home at the same time. We had locked down a location through a family friend and the trip was set.

The four of us drove down with our tents and two rifles, and linked up with the owner of the property. We all drove over to the 400 acres of land that was ours for three days and two nights. We arrived at the location and started our trek into the dense naked woods.

We got in about 150 yards and picked a nice clearing. We all started setting up our tents and gathering fire wood for the night.

Throughout the day we had a full campsite complete with a wood pile and a low burning fire. Myself and another one of my friends had decided to go hunting for anything we could shoot, skin, and cook. With no luck we went back to the camp.

We had cooked almost all of our food for the trip in a few hours. As the sun set, we all decided we should go get more food. I decided I would stay back and keep an eye on the fire. They left and I sat stoking the fire trying to get as warm as possible.

Suddenly all of mother nature got quiet and I heard something walking in the woods. I figured my friends were trying to freak me out, so I hid behind a tree and waited to pop out with my flashlight. I popped out, turned my flashlight on, and saw the most horrifying thing.

I saw a creature that stood almost 8 feet tall. It had the legs of a deer, long arms with matted wet fur. The head was half deer skull with the snout of a wolf. Without a second more of hesitation, I picked up my AK and dumped 30 rounds into the best. It shrieked the loudest most distorted roar ever in existence.

It was a mix of a human scream, wolf howl, and deer call. I reloaded and continued to fire on the retreating beast until I couldn't anymore. The rifle was hot in my freezing hands.

The barrel released smoke equal to what the fire was producing. i sat down and waited for either my friends or the best to come back.

My friends returned and they asked if anything exciting happened. I said,"nope" and ate the food they brought back. I stayed awake all night keeping watch over my friends and keeping the fire high and bright.

Luckily, someone got sick and we left early. I have never packed up so fast in my life. As we were leaving, I noticed this black goop splattered on the barren trees where the beast stood stood just hours earlier.

I have never gone back into the woods in southern Tennessee, and I don't think I ever will again.

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Dylan Walker
Awesome story
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