during the autumn months of 2017, my family and I were invited to a change of responsibility at Mt Lemmon Arizona. As we waited for the rest of the people I started exploring the mountain woods, I started down the mountain to a path when I heard someone talking I looked to the left and aw a person he said "are you lost" i said no then he told me that I should go back to my family. I told him id be fine and continued to the path. once I got there it was a little hard to walk in because the path was made for snow sports and I guess that when the snow leaves its harder to walk in. Anyway, I continued down until I saw it, it was covered in white and looked giant and I was at least 20 yards away. so I started running towards it to see it closer but when I got them it was gone. this confused me because it was at the bottom of a very steep ditch which should have taken any animal or human in that area for at least 10 minutes to get up. but this thing took like 3 minutes early to get up by the time I got there it was gone and when I got there I tried going up the path it took after it got out of the ditch but it felt sad on cold, when I returned to my family they told me i had been gone for a hour which surprised me cause i was only thier for 30 minutes tops . so if your in the woods of mt lemmon Arizona please stay safe and go in pairs .
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