So, many of you may not believe me... and honestly I've been having some issues believing it myself. I live in a small community in the middle of empty desert. My biological father is a bit of a menace and has thrown several of my cats and some strays I used to feed into the desert, several of them have not been seen or heard from again. Now, to the story, I recently began to hear one of my cats' (Flash) meows from the desert and have taken my dog walking out there searching for her.

After three days of going out there, calling, searching, and getting no actual replies when I was actually out there I finally realized something. The meows I had been hearing didn't sound right. There was something completely off about them and I had been able to ignore them until I began to hear frantic cries from Flash in the desert. Sneaking out once again I just stood near the entrance calling and looking around while my dog sniffed an old abandoned mattress. It was around sunset and honestly I didn't like being out there when all I could see was just shadows and just a few feet in front of me.

I stayed there for ten minutes until I started hearing what I thought were troublemakers trying to scare me or trying to sneak up on me for whatever reason. I scooped up my dog and dashed back inside the community walls, making my way back home(literally across the entrance from the desert, a hole in a brick wall). That night was filled with meows outside my window that just sounded wrong. I'm really glad I actually remembered to shut my curtains because I did not want to see what the hell was skulking around.

Two hours later the meows finally stopped but I could see the shadow of a face pressed against my window. As I looked at the face I heard strange distorted cries. Suddenly, without warning the face turned, then disappeared. Seconds later I had footsteps and talking from some kids. The next day I decided I'd spend the week at my grandmother's to get away. It felt like I was losing my mind. The first few nights were pretty quiet... Until one early morning I was standing near my older cousin's window and heard those damn meows again. I woke up my cousin and she said she could hear them too. I don't like when people can see or hear things I'm dealing with because then it makes the situations more real... this isn't something I can deny anymore.

While at my grandma's I would usually sit outside late and visit with my cousin's two cats until she got home from work. However, for the last few nights I was there I didn't feel safe continuing my routine of waiting outside. The one night I was stupid and had waited outside I heard chirping and meows from the golf course across from my grandma's house. They didn't stop until I hid behind one of the pillars on her porch and stood still.

I've been home for two days now and it stays outside my window torturing me. I refuse to walk my dog at night unless someone comes with me and I never return to the desert. Every now and then I'll hear a whisper and book it back into the house. I'm praying and hoping this is just someone's sick joke but my grandma believes it's a skinwalker. We have found a few footprints outside of my window after it had rained and they start out animal then slowly become more human. Next time I see the footprints I'll take pictures and try to see what I can do. But for now... I'm just slowly going insane.
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