Let me start off by saying that my family has always believed in the spirits, I have many stories of my childhood that could send a shiver down your spine and bring you back for more, but allow me to start off with this story.

I'm a young man in my early twenties, still being in college, I live with my family. I wouldn't say i'm runner, but I try to jog every other day or so to keep in shape and relax a bit at the end of the day. Maybe about a year ago I was on a jog with my younger brother when we were almost to the street we used as the home stretch. As we were approaching the 3 way intersection we both saw a tall black figure appear from behind a stop sign run across the street and disappear behind a skinny tree ( and I mean so skinny I couldn't hide behind it). That was the first case I saw of this thing. Second time I had just gotten done stretching and was walking to the point where I start my jog, when I see a tall figure cloaked in all black sprint across the street and behind a house. Naturally I turned around and went home. I decided to jog earlier and change up my route (my usual time being around 11pm to 12am). Fast forward to today, I was talking with my brother and my mother overheard the word skinwalker (me and my brother were listening to stories about strange happenings) naturally she was curious so I told her about how they are attracted to when people talk about them. Hours later I was going on my jog, I had just gotten back from an event so I was a little late to start, causing it to be about 11:30 before I left the house. I was halfway down the street enjoying the cold breeze on my face when I felt a shiver down my spine. I started to run, then sprint, the entire time feeling like I should get home ASAP and not to turn around. I ended up sprinting around the block, avoiding to look at the shadows as my breathing and footsteps echoed, listening for any other noises. I made it onto my porch and ran inside, quickly closing the door behind me.

Now a few factors I left out. I usually wear a cross around my neck, but because a string of cars being broken into I left it at home so I didn't get mugged or something. I live in Central Florida so i'm not sure what it could be that I saw and felt behind me. I could swear I heard panting behind me but that could have been my own echo. My family is originally from Michigan and have had many paranormal experiences.
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