Back Forty TV
I am now 30 years old, I was 15 at the time.  It all began while I was home alone and my mother was at church.  I pretended to be sick so I wouldn't have to attend this nights service.  I was laying on the couch watching a movie, a scary one of course. When I heard a bump sound coming from in my bedroom, which was directly on the other side of the living room wall behind the TV.  We had many cats at the time, so I assumed it was simply one of the animals jumping around.  About 10 minutes later I heard the noise again, this time much louder than before.  I decided to go check it out and make sure the cats hadn't broken anything.

  When I entered the room, it was empty. No animals in the closet, under the bed, the room was empty.  I searched the house and found all four cats put up in the laundry room. Which is where we usually kept them when we went out.  This of course was strange to me, but I thought nothing more of it.  I laid back down to continue my movie and after about 20 minutes I heard another "thump" from my bedroom.  Of course at this point, knowing it was not the cats, my hairs stood up and I got goose bumps.  I quickly ran into the room and turned on the lights.  Nothing! No animals, nothing had fallen, the room was empty.  

  I was at home alone so of course I was a little freaked out, but I grew up in the backwoods of Louisiana, I don't scare easy.  I went back into the living room and again laid down to watch my movie.  No sooner than I got the covers over my face my blood turned to ice when I heard footsteps run behind the couch toward the kitchen.  I jumped from the couch, half terrified and half ready to defend myself against an intruder!  I quickly ran into the kitchen and flicked on the lights!  Nothing! Another empty room!  I felt like my soul left my body when I realized what was happening.  I finally calmed myself and mom returned home about an hour after the incident.  I barely slept that night, but nothing else happened for a while.

    Two weeks later I was riding my bicycle down the road. It was about 11PM and I always rode at night, I don't know why, I just always loved being out at night.  I was making my way back home when I heard what again sounded like footsteps running behind me. I turned to look behind me, but of course, there was no one. It felt like no sooner than I turned back to look straight ahead, I heard the footsteps again running behind me, this time much louder.  I sped up to as fast as I could pedal, but the sounds of the footsteps were keeping pace with me. This time I turned quickly to try and get a look at whoever or whatever was pursuing me and I wish I hadn't. 

  I almost crashed my bike when I turned to see a dark figure trailing just behind me to my right side.  This apparition was darker than Black. If you could imagine how dark it would be at the edge of the universe, that is the darkness I would use to describe this thing. It seemed to be looking at me and not take it's eyes off of me, despite running at a fast pace right beside me. The eyes seemed to glow, but not like everyone explains with a glowing red or anything like that. I was more of if you took a black marble and shined a pale light on it.  That shine, I'll never forget that shine. I let out a mumbled noise of fear, that noise men make when something really scares them, but not a scream.  

  I began to pedal my bike faster than I ever had before.  I was only about a half mile away from home and I just wanted to feel the safety of walking in and shutting that door. When I got home I jumped from the bicycle, leaving it to roll into the carport at high speed. I ran inside and turned all of the lights on, expecting to face this thing again. I never had any other experiences with this "being", but I think it had attached to me and followed me home from one of our "ghost hunting" trips we used to make as kids.  I have never been so scared in my life. It has been 15 years and I still remember to this day vividly how that "thing" looked at me.
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