This is just a short account of something strange that I witnessed today. I was sitting in a meeting with some colleagues at my workplace. When all of sudden we heard a loud bang. It was so loud we all felt the vibrations go through us.

Immediately the two male colleagues in the room rushed out to check the stairs and the immediate vicinity - we assumed someone had fallen and hurt themselves.

EVERYONE in the building had heard it, but there was no sign of anyone having fallen.

  One of my colleagues even hurried outside to check the roof and grounds - as we even feared that a student or staff member had jumped off the roof. I work at a University if anyone was wondering. 

 None of us could work out what had caused the noise and so we continued the rest of the meeting in a subdued manner. A little while later, the Office Manager popped her head into the room. Turns out one of the paintings in the reception area had fallen of the wall - the source of the bang.

 It was a relief to know nothing terrible had happened. I also commend the quick action of my colleagues to check if anyone was hurt. But its a sad thing, that one of our immediate assumptions was that someone may have jumped to their death. We live in a world of unimaginable horrible and suffering - so much so that our minds jump to horrible worse case scenarios.

  Take care of yourselves guys and those around you. As that assumption could one day turn out to be true.

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