This house is very old the only thing we had for heat was a small wood stove it only warms the living room really. My sister was the first one to see something I guess it was a little girl in the front yard the second person was my mom she said that the was an old man upstairs our upstairs was just one big room my dad and I didn´t believe them. about a year later my dad and mom broke up and my sister moved out and I moved in with my mom to go to school and awhile staying with my mom I had these nightmares were my dad would call out to me but I didn't hear what he says so I open the front door as soon as I did this creature that looked like a stretched-out version of my dad it would jump on top of and opens its mouth then I would wake up I was convinced something is evil is at the house. My dad later moved and nightmares stop here recently I did some research on that house and apparently, there was a bunch of unsolved murders some of them were the old man and the little girl there were torn apart.

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