This story happened in 2008 when i was 13. It was late at night and my parents went out for their anniversary dinner and i was in charge of making sure nothing happened when they were out. There were cameras around the house that were connected to an app on my phone and a small alarm will go off on my phone when a camera catches any type of movement. I was watching a tv show on my bed and once every 5 minutes i would check my the cameras. Eventually i went to my punching bag and starts training with it. I had my music playing on my computer with my phone in my pocket. When the alarm went off i checked my phone and saw that it was that it was the downstairs hallway and checked it and saw someone wearing a black, leather trench coat, black leather gloves, black leather boots with black leather pants, and a black hat that covered his eyes. Judging from the things around him he was like a giant maybe 6,8 to 6,10. I was trained in martial arts and was pretty tall but from what i saw he was also as bulky as the hulk so i didn't stand a chance. I already turned off my music and grabbed the nearest weapon which was a wooden bat. I was on the third floor so i couldn't just jump out the window i called the police and heard a loud crash from the first floor so i checked the camera and found he had punched a hole through the wall and i mean his fist went straight through it. At the point i knew i needed something much stronger than a wooden bat. I heard loud and heavy footsteps go up to the second floor and i felt my heart and stomach sink. I heard him look everywhere on the second floor and then head up the stairs again and he came to my door and knocked it down like it was wrecking ball to a paper house and i hit him with the bat and hit him until it broke he barely flinched and he tried to punch me but i dodged because he was very slow which i used to my advantage. I ran downstairs as he followed as the cops just arrived and i told them about the situation. When i finished he came outside and the police told him to put his hands up and to surrender. He did that and three cops went up and put handcuffs on him and took him to their car. My parents were notified about the situation and they immediately came home. They were both asking if i was ok and after they were accessing the damage and found that every door was broken and some were on the floor. My parents replaced everything that was damaged, stolen, and destroyed. But didn't make sense to me is that in the cameras it shows he entered the home and stayed in the same place not moving a muscle until i first noticed him.
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That must've been horrifying to be in the middle of something like that. I'm sorry
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