Ever since I was young, I've been aware of the Paranormal. My first encounter was as a toddler. I remember being in my crib and seeing something flying to the house. It was a scarry thing. Humanoid like, covered in long red hair, with Amber eyes, bat wings, and when it arrived at my window I saw its yellow long teeth. It also sported a bat like nose. I shook all over but It frightened me so much I was paralyzed with fear. This thing visited me sevetal times during my childhood. I began to keep a journal. As I got older I believed it was a ghost. I broke my silence and asked my grandfather what it was and had he ever seen it. He said no he hadn't seen it . but he believed It was a Demon. This frightened me. why was I being visited by a Demon? I was a Christian. Did this mean I was evil? So I bravely asked my grandfather. If your visited by a Demon does this mean your Evil? He said with a worried look, quit possibly. I said what if you don't want to be Evil. He said then don't believe in it, if you see it again tell it to go away, . And above all else don't ever worship it. I said , you mean it could tell me to worship it? He said yes. I think that's what it wants. Then , I asked , how do I tell it to go away? He said all you need to do is say, in the name of Jesus Christ Get the behind me Satan. And if you believe, it will go away. Do this anytime you see it. Then I asked him why did you call it Satan? He said Honey, based on what you're describing, I think thats what it is. By now I was frightened , not only wasn't it a Ghost but it could be Satan! Then he added, And you're gonna have to start reading your Bible every day. Also pray to God every day. But why would Satan care about me? I said . My grandfather said Honey, Satan will do whatever it takes to get you to believe in him. Once you fear him he's halfway there. So I said the devil wants you to fear him? Yes, said my grandfather. But why? My grandfather replied, fear is a form of respect. Satan can get you to fear him he's halfway there. His goal is to pull you away from Jesus Christ. He will do whatever it takes to do that. The trick to remember is Satan has no power. He's just a trickster. He creates strong delusion to get your mind where he wants it to be . I then asked him? Is Satan more powerful then God? He said no! Always remember what I told you. Satan hates the name of Jesus. The reason is God cursed him long ago into that ugly form you saw. He fears God.  Then I asked him, Grandfather why did God curse Satan? He said its a long story , long ago he wasn't as you see him. He started out as God's most powerful Angel,But he thought he was better than God. He decided He wanted thAll it takes is the name of Jesus to drive him away. Then I said , what if You say the name of Jesus and he doesn't go away? Then you didn't believe it you're self. You have to believe in God, and know that when you say Get thee behind me Satan then he will go away. I want you to keep doing those things I told you to. And He will get the idea. 
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Good story, did it get showed on a video??
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My grandmother always says "if the Devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future"
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