I bring you this story, of a event that changed my friends and "myself" out look of the woods!

It happened years ago,  we were interested the survivalist nature, you know "man and nature"! See how to survive in the  unseen situations. 

Here is a  quick run down of the gang.  Mike is a VA therapist and tesa, his dog is the cure too his magical treatment  apon numerous returning war vet's this is how we both met,  my self is a double tour Afghan marine vet.  Butch, well he is a unique character!  He is a 5'2 Italian who highlights everyone's day with how he used to be a power lifted,  but he never made it out his mothers basement.

On worth to the story now, we all gather and planed a location we brought cameras and gear, we originally had planned northern Michigan i mean way up north, but Butch's mom, lol needed him back in a few days to help her set up "bingo". So we we decided the west side of Cadillac Michigan would do, so we redirected our route, and made our way.

Once we arrived too wear we liked, we knew it was pretty late and needed to hike in before it turned full black out, so we bag up and hit the trail.  I noticed along the way mike kept having too nug tesa too quite getting so close too him, she was kinda acting like she was scared! 

But i shrugged it off, mostly because tesa was retired war dog  she came from the 101st airborne and has from what i was told two confirmed take downs! So we firgure maybe she in the clingy mood.

We reached a location, were we had to bed down for the night!  So we set up camp and began forging for wood and supplies,  butch was the mule and carried majority of the gear, so i stayed and help him. 

mike and tesa looked for dead wood,  me and butch set up and talked a bit about what we wanted to shoot the next day, butch joking said "dig me a fox hole ill sleep in it" lol like he ever slept in one i was thinking.

So it started too get dark out when mike got back with the fire wood , we he looked anoyed and almost completely agitated. We asked him what too so long he syhed with a breath! And said" it was tesa!" Half way out she wood nug him everytime he would bend over toget a piece of wood. Or randomly start growling at the brush or tree's!  Butch states, was their Something? No mike would reply. Absolutely nothing! 

I look over at tesa, and she is sitting next too mike constantly looking at dark nightly lite woods, sometimes moving her head only too look at mike. Once again i paid her no mind! We had dinner cooking in the pot and was just gabbing about ideas, dirty jokes etc. 

We finished dinner shortly after, and was winning down for the night. Once again i looked over at tesa and noticed she was still looking in the same spot as befor? And even notice she hadden even touch her food. Weird i thought, then suddenly she got up and was looking at Something i couldn't tell because it was dark but she followed it with her head.

Then suddenly a tree came falling down, it landed  perfectly in place on the fire we had!  We all sprung up too are feets, still in confusion what happened, me and mike both have rifles,  and butch has......... pepper spray " quick note, butch isnt a gun fan"

But nothing came forth, till we heard a loud and deep Yelp from the east, and one more from the north of us. Then Something grabbed on of the tents and dragged it into the woods, we faintly saw it but a massive blur in the dieing fire light. Then the other tent was ripped and dragged off, but nothing of who or what is doing this!!

While this is going on these yelps and yelling is going on in the woods around us. Then it stops!! Off in the distance three tall figures broke the tree line they casually came closer too us, but never drew close too the fire that was left still burning.

They were tall massively muscular and each one had a different color in its eyes  one was blue the other was red, and last was a glow orange. 
Then they all roared at us, we trurned and ran back too the truck,  we all made it back and got in . 

 Mike fired up the truck and flipped the lights on , "and i shit you not" thise three things were 5ft from the front of the truck . One of the cover its eyes with its arm too sheild its eyes from the light, the others yelped and roared , these creatures all had reddish brown fur. "Yes i said " and each on had tobe at least 8ft tall, mike floored it in reverse and ever since that day. Our YouTube future retired immediately.

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