Smiling feels nice, doesn't it? It's a sure sign of happiness. I have the best job in the world. I help others smile when they are frowning for too long. It makes me happy that I get to make others happy. Frowning isn't allowed where I'm from, and it's a good thing it is that way. Nobody likes frowning, so having a law like that is nowhere near as annoying as it sounds. It keeps us smiling. And for the few people that it doesn't make smile, we have a solution.

I am that solution. When they don't smile for too long, they are sent to me so they can smile permanently. They scream as the operation is done, but they smile afterwards. I wonder, how many people would I help today?

A woman is carried into my office by an officer. She screams and struggles, but she is no match for the strong officer carrying her. The reaction of the people sent to my office always confuses me. It makes no sense that they would struggle against the people who want to make them smile. Whatever, it doesn't matter. She'll be happy once it's done.

The officers set her on my operation chair. She was no longer screaming, most likely because her voice was horse at that point, but she cried quietly. After the officers finished strapping her to the chair, they left. It was just me and this soon-to-be-happy patient.

I get my sewing needle and thread ready. As I bring it close to the patient's face, she begins to scream again.


It's obvious she's not going to keep her mouth shut and cooperate. What a shame. Now I have to knock her out. I walk to my counter, where my tools are. I can hear her sigh. She thinks she won't have to smile, doesn't she? It annoys me, but I keep smiling because it feels so nice.

Now, let's see. Which tool shall I use? I have a cute little hammer that was made to only do enough damage to knock a person unconscious. It's made for what I'm trying to do, so I'll use it.

I walk back to the unhappy patient, who began crying again. She is begging me to let her go. She doesn't want me to make her permanently happy. Interesting. I don't care. She'll be grateful afterwards.

I stand at the woman's side. I glared at her and her petty tears. This will make her happy. She needs to get over it. The smiling process will only hurt for a moment. She'll be perfectly fine.

I hit the girl with the cute little hammer in my hand. She isn't unconscious. She's bleeding and screaming, but she's still awake. I hit her again. She becomes unconscious. Good. Now I can make her smile.

I begin sewing her mouth. I sew, and sew, and sew. I decide to hum a happy little song while I sew. My song is interrupted by the screams of my patient with a quarter of her mouth sewn. She's opening her mouth, which the causing the thread to unravel from it's place in her lips. I grab my hammer. I hit her harder then I did before. She passes out.

I continue sewing. She hasn't woken up again. I sew, and sew, and sew, and sew, and sew, and sew, until finally, I finish. I call the officers to come get her. They do. They carried her body, that was still unconscious, away. I feel proud of myself. I helped another person smile today.

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Sheesh I hope that never comes true cause I’ll be running away from the country
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Good and creepy. Would love to read more about these "smiling" people. 
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