I was 15 and I lived with my parents. My house was in the middle of the woods but we have one neighbor. This was my first encounter, I was in my bed ready to go to sleep. When I start hearing scratching at my door. I thought it was my dog, wanting to get in. I got up, and opened the door. My dog ran passed me, like if he was scared. I looked out my room, I see a tall man down the hallway looking at me! I couldn't get a good look at him since it was really dark. I closed the door and locked it. My dog was under my bed. He was a German shepherd, and I knew if he was a guard dog he will attack this man in my house. I suddenly hear footsteps outside my door. I was home alone at the time. I then hear a raspy voice that says "I know your in there". At this point, I grabbed my phone and called 911. When the police came, they checked the whole entire house, there was no sight of him. He must of run off, so after that got out of my mind. I was alone again, my parents were on a date, so it was only my dog and I. I sat on my couch and started eating popcorn, when I realized there's something black in the corner, watching me! I realize that's the guy I saw at my room! Then this huge thought when in my mind, what if this is a ghost. The man talked again in his raspy voice,"Don't be afraid, I only kill children" it says. This is not a ghost nor a human. When I turned on the lights, I could get a better look at him. He was hairless and had no face. He was so tall, he had to crouch just to fit. He was wearing a suit. His skin was white, I realized this was slenderman! That night, he just kept coming at my house, saying that if he knew any places where kids lived. I knew what his prey was and that was children. I finally moved out of my parents house and soon never encountered this again.
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the best you can do is not be afraid, I am serious. I found people saying that it is attracted to your fear. just joke about it and ignore it its face is eye less so it cant stare at you. trust ne you will be fine if you stop being afraid, it has no power over you   people call it Splendour man just to weaken it no fear, no power and if something needs fear its not scary
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