Before I start I should preface this story by by saying I was 10 possibly 11 at the time of this story. Also I had an intense dislike of Aliens, UFO's, and anything paranormal. Despite that I was one of those kids who wandered the internet looking for stories of alien abduction and paranormal stories. I usually got extremely scared and oftentimes found myself looking around every corner after I read these stories. I was entranced by these stories and even if I was scared it brought peace to my mind knowing that I wasn't alone in the belief of aliens. One day I found a site that was filled with stories and it was updated regularly. I read so many stories that I began to notice a pattern and I was even more terrified. They had steps/bullet points to help people not get abducted. These are what I can remember.

* Don't put your bed near a window.

* Keep an animal, strongly suggest dogs, near you at night.

* Sleep after 12am - 2am.

* Weapons do not work. 

This wasn't the last one but it still gives me chills.

* You cannot escape they can and will find you.

So I have dogs to this very day, animal lover. Bed is always near a window and I never fall asleep after 12. My dad had guns but those were used never/rarely. I was terrified but I don't remember if I ever saw that site again. Not that was taken down or anything. I just remember a lot of green boxes and text, possibly the site was updated but I'd never know by this point. 

Cut to a comfy autum day and this brave boy watching the McPhearson Tape. It was the first found footage movie based on aliens and I was petrified by it. I truly thought it was real. It had a grainy vhs filter that only camera's back then could make. The audio distorted whenever the aliens appeared and just typing this makes me jumpy. Anyway that night was literally the worst night I ever had. I can still remember the panic I had after every sound. The pure terror in my voice when my parents said goodnight and I replied with a "Don't go...".

I fell asleep pretty fast and I remember having an odd feeling come over me. I felt like I was being watched and I opened my eyes. My head was facing the foot of bed and I saw a ball of light. My eyes followed it until I saw...a little hand grab it. My heart began to pound and I tried to look towards my door. I saw another one, it was bigger and it was staring right at me. I looked towards my desk which was across from me. Sweet jesus another one. I paniced, my voice was gone, there was a long droning noise in my head. Pain in  my chest, oh they were moving closer! My eyes were darting around, pleading with the beings.

"Leave me alone!" Their eyes staring back, a void of emptiness, clearly not understanding my silent pleas. I could feel the weight on my chest, something plunging into it, I don't want to die. I had no chance of fighting back it was over before it began,then I shouted "Ouch!".

They were gone and I felt a horrible pain in my chest. I took off shirt in the bathroom and found four marks on my chest. I placed my hand over them and noticed they were not cuts. I went back in my room noise machine still creating white noise and I drifted off to sleep. I never brought it up to anyone ever. I just kept living life under the impression I had experienced a real abduction. It haunted me for my entire life and I broke a few times later in my life.

Then I began to listen to youtube narrators and researched a certain epidemic, sleep paralysis. I put the pieces together and figured out I didn't get abducted. I had just experienced sleep paralysis. The sound in my head was my noise machne. The reason I couldn't speak was due to the fact I wasn't using all my faculties. The incissions were not probes but my finger nails digging into my skin. I was notorious for not cutting my fingernails so they were too long and my hand more than likely was on my chest. The light was not entirely sure of. The aliens though, it was due to the intense fear I had of the McPhearson Tape.

Nowadays I regularly watch that video well during the day at least. I can't watch alien movies at night. Close Encounters, Fire in the Sky, and even E.T. give me mild nightmares. That's way better then before though. I still believe in aliens but not out of fear anymore. Instead it's mainly of mans hubris. We can't be the only intelligent living creatures in the universe that's just egotistical.
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