Hello, my name is Aaron, I'll get right to it. I live in Albuquerque NM. It's a fairly large city and right down the middle runs the Rio Grande River and the river feeds a small forest that runs along the river. We call this forest the Basque. There are some really unusual and creepy things that occur in the Basque. Any way one of these creepy things is the Shroom house. It's this old Adobe house thats been through the ages. We call it the shroom house because there are mushrooms spray painted all over the house. I've been there a couple times during the day but I've never met someone whose been there during the night. One night however I can say I'm that person, along with my friends who went with me. The night started off with me and Mikaila, I picked her up and immediately started smoking some pot to forget the day's labor. I call up my friend Matt and both me and Mikaila agree to join Matt at his house. There We meet 2 of his neighbors, honestly I can't remember there names, just know they were with us. We play pool, shoot the shit and it's now 12 am. We are bored. I suggest we go on a road trip to the shroom house, see if we can smoke some weed there and creep each other out.

With no abjections we hop in my red Mazda 6 and head to the Basque. I turn off the main road, turn off to a side road, then a dirt one, then pull into a dirt parking lot. The dirt parking lot is pretty big, and on the north side is a chain link fence that separates the dense vegetation from the dirt road. The fence follows the parking lot half way and turns into a 2 foot high wooden beam that lines the parking lot. Where the chain link fence ends is a small animal trail that leads to the end of a small dug out ditch. If you carefully cross the ditch without getting caught by the vegetation in your face you follow another animal trail that leads to the Shroom house.

We all jump out of my vehicle and stop at the animal trail. "Whose got a flash light"? I look up and the moon is full and everything is well lit up. "I have a lighter" I said. Obviously we were all chatty and said more than what I'm writing here. I crouch down and start crawling the animal trail with the lighter in front. My friends behind me. I make it to the dug out ditch and hop down. I look to my left and my friends decide to walk the rim of the ditch. We all kind of stop and look for the other trail that leads to the house when we here it. The ditch goes off perpendicular from the animal trail we were on. I was in the ditch with the lighter lit. We could here a small animal shuffling through the vegetation about 30 feet down the ditch.

We could here the small animal making small little steps. We didn't think nothing of it when we realized it wasn't running away in fear. It was pacing back and forth. All of a sudden those small little animal steps turned into big gaping steps. Little soft crunches to big heaping foot steps. Now me and my friends are freaked out and before we knew it this thing was running toward me, in the ditch. Before I could even say it's running toward us my friends had already started back through the animal trail to my car. Now even though we were scared and freaking out, we still had to crouch over and crawl through the trail. Otherwise you'd lose an eye trying full on sprint through this stuff.

Luckily we had some distance on it when we started running away. But I could tell my friends weren't taking this all too seriously, weed and liquor will do that. You can be assured I was sober. But they didn't have the pep in their step like I had. I could hear this thing full on sprinting through this vegetation! Long strong strides, weird thick slow breathes. I yell to friends in a frantic voice to HURRY THE FUCK UP! With that my friends' chuckling and "omg we're having a good time" stroll turned into "serious, let's get the fuck out of here running". By this time I could feel this thing right behind me. Pushing my friends along, flick my lighter and take a glance behind me.

What I saw nearly made me trip. White skin, bare feet. And this thing wasn't crouched over like us, it was straight up barreling through this thick shrubs. Luckily that was the end of the trail and we all were jumping in my car within seconds. Before me and Matt get in however, we take a second to look back to see if it was still following us in the parking lot. It wasn't, so me and Matt decided to walk up to the chain link fence, 10 feet from the animal trail we just came out of. Trying to peer through, we couldn't see anything except more leaves and branches. All of a sudden, like text book, the thing came crashing against the fence!

With out chancing our luck any further we hop in my car and speed off. In recollection I can remember the moon and how bright it was for the mid night. But when I was in the ditch I remember how fucking pitch black it was. It was as if someone turned off the moon. Any way that's my story, I can't explain any of it and it'll always reverberate in my head, "WTF was that?".
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