By manyvariedsnakes

This happened a few years ago in Southern Utah. My family and I have some friends that live on the small sliver of the Navajo Nation reservation near the bottom of Utah. Our family isn't Navajo, but my parents had met some friends a while back who are.

Now, my parents had always told me about the legends that their friends had told them. I was never really scared of them because, in all honesty, I didn't believe they were true.

Well, we had talked to our friend Joey about coming down to the reservation and camping with him for a few days. He was on board with the idea and we made plans to drive from Salt Lake City down to the campsite, which was about 10 miles into the reservation. It was a pretty average road trip most of the way and we stopped by a few towns to take pictures and eat but we had decided that we were going to make it to the campsite in one day. We had been driving from six in the morning to three in the morning and we were all tired as hell. I had been sleeping in the back while my father drove and talked to my mother.

I was woken up by my parents excitedly telling me we were about to pass the welcome sign to the Navajo Nation. I looked out the window and waited a few minutes before I could see the sign and kept my eyes on it until we passed. I remember intently watching the sign waiting to feel the bump in the road where the pavement changes. As we passed, the back of the sign came into view and I looked over the back seat to watch the sign until it was out of sight. But when I turned I saw something standing behind it. It was a deer standing on its hind legs but it looked... Broken. The entire form of the creature looked wrong. It stared at me and I stared at it for the few seconds while it was still illuminated by our back lights. I turned back around and wanted to tell my mother what I had seen but by the look on her face I could tell she had seen it, too. My mom explained what we had both seen to my father who said it was probably a statue or something and that we were just tired. My mom insisted and my dad said we would ask Joey about it when we got to the campsite.

When we pulled up to the campsite, Joey and two of his buddies were sitting around a campfire talking. We said hello, hugged, and greeted each other and began setting up our tent. Once we had gotten all set up, my mother and I got in the tent and started to go to sleep while my father stayed outside to talk to Joey for a little bit. I wasn't really listening as they were talking but I started paying attention as my dad began asking Joey about the "creature" we had seen. Right as my father got to the description of it, Joey became quiet and I could hear him whispering to my father in a hurried tone. All I could hear my dad say was "But we just got here."

About a minute after that my dad was in the tent shooing us out telling use we needed to go. My mother and I were annoyed by this until we saw that Joey and his friends were also packing up their stuff as quickly as they could. I asked what was going on but the only answer I could get was "Just get in the car." The scariest part at that moment was the way Joey was looking around the campsite. He was holding his rifle and looked absolutely terrified which was something I had never seen before.

As soon as we got everything in the cars Joey told us we needed to stay somewhere off the reservation and that he and his friends would escort us. He made it very clear that we needed to stay on the phone with him until we got to a hotel. We all agreed and began to drive back from where we came. It was mostly a silent ride until we started coming up on a wall of rocks in the road. As soon as we could tell what it was, Joey was screaming in the phone that we needed to either go through it or go around, and we needed to do it quickly. We went around the rocks careful not to pop a tire while still trying to make it out of their quickly. As we started pulling back onto the road we heard a scream. Or, more like a garbled screech coming from in front of the car maybe 50 feet away. Joey only said "Go." which was enough to prompt my dad into driving faster than he had ever driven before.

We made it to a hotel and Joey refused to speak about what had just happened. The only thing he said was that we need a blessing of sorts before we left. We didn't want to, but seeing what had happened earlier we were just going to go with whatever Joey wanted.

I never really believed in skinwalkers, but after reading up on them and comparing the stories online to my own, I firmly believe they are out there.
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