This was an encounter my brother had with what he truly believes to be a Skinwalker

Late one evening my brother and his best friend decided that they wanted to go camping that night and bring the two girls that they were liking at the time. It was a last-minute decision but they had just enough time to get set-up before the sun faded. After getting enough supplies for 2 days of camping they quickly packed and left to pick up the girls. After a couple of hours, they finally found a spot they liked about 30 or so feet from a creek. With less than an hour of sufficient light, they speedily set-up camp and sleeping arrangements.

Now that they were ready for the night they put together a quick firepit and chairs. Being typical teenagers they all cracked some beers and jovially talked about their weeks and the things that were going on in their lives. During mid conversation, they began to hear cracking branches and twigs down by the creek. Of course, this scared them all a little bit but both my brother and his best friend had pistols so they didn't let it bother them too much. The movements stopped shortly after and the mood eventually rose again. Time went on and the night into the very early morning. Since they arrived only a couple hours passed but they decided to get an early start to the next day they headed for their tents.

If you ask me I bet they were just eager to "console" the girls. Only about 15 minutes later my brother heard his friend unzip his tent and walk over to his. "I am not trying to interrupt anything but I gotta go piss," his friend said. My brother knew what he was implying and decided his bladder could use some relief as well. "Are you afraid a bear is going to get ya?" my brother said as they approached the creek not far. Not wanting the girls to hear my brother's friend shrugged it off and began to relieve himself. Within a few seconds, it got eerily quiet and this made my brothers hair stand on end. The crackling of branches and movement sent a panic between the two. A Large figure on all fours appeared out of the dark on the other side of the creek. This was the largest thing my brother ever saw. his 1st thought about this large creature was they had just woke up a huge black bear. Time slowed to a crawl as they watched this Large thing slowly get closer. It was only about 10 feet away when it stood up. Still, in fear in shock, my brother noticed something terrifying about this creature. It had Large Red glowing eyes as if there were red LEDs in its head. The legs on it bent backward at a weird angle and it stood about 9 feet tall. The shock was broken when he heard a large bang and he turned to see his friend unloading his revolver at this monster. My brother immediately grabbed his gun by his side and followed suit. The creature was shot in the head at least twice and five or six times in the body. With both pistols spent the thing was still upright and acted like it was slightly annoyed. It let out a large, deafening wail that seemed somewhat human and in a blink of an eye ran off along the creek faster than anything my brother has ever seen. Not knowing what to say they both sprinted back to camp. The two girls were out of the tents and freaking out about the gunshots and scream they heard. Not wanting to waste any time they were packed up in record speed.

They dark drive back was quiet and somber. Paranoia and shock left them speechless and not sure what to say. "what the hell was that back there?" my brother's friends asked. "I have no idea it was freaking huge!" replied my brother. One of the girls finally decided to speak up "what was that loud scream we heard and what was with all the gunshots?" After exchanging glances with one another neither of them knew how to reply.

The ride home was longer and much creepier after what they had experienced. Tired and shook up they arrived at my brother's friends house and finally passed out. The next morning after dropping the girls off at their homes my brother and his friend decided to take a ride back to that spot to try and find some answers. The creek seemed slightly more offputting. After crossing to the side the creature was on they were surprised to find no blood. They found their shells that were fired off and some broken branches but no tracks or blood.

Some time went by and both my brother and his friend had some weird things happen to them after that night camping. they both saw shadow figures stalking around after the sun went down. Paranoia also seemed to follow them around.

I have heard this story a few times but seeing the fear on my brothers face when he recounted it, shortly after it happened, helps validate the truth in my eyes.


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Does every tribe have these my grandmother called them the Jokers.But I really enjoyed your story it made me feel like I was there
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