Hey guys I didn't know where else to post this but I need this to be off my chest. For the purpose of this story I will refer to myself as K and my two brothers ask J And G. 

When we where kids we would often go to my Grandmother on my mom's side every weekend. We never really minded being in the woods away from the city we grew up inand and often would have great adventures at Grandma's.

When it was daytime the woods and surrounding 25 acres where a wonderland. But when the night came often we would find ourselves very afraid of the same woods we had been playing in earlier.

Okay now to the part that still shakes me and makes me afraid . One night we had gone to my Grandma’s  house and my little brother J and I where sitting on the porch, when we noticed something very disturbing,

Mind you the house is surrounded by woods on three sides and in the front was a huge cow pasture. As we sat talking we noticed a pair of huge gold eyes watching us from the woods and they had to be at least 8 ft off the ground.

We saw this and ran inside crying. Grandma calmed us down and told us not to worry nothing could get us. Well she was wrong. The next day we went out to the woods as happy as can be not a care in the world and we found a cave made of briar bushes.

Now anyone with sense knows Briar bushes don't form in that way . We start towards the cave  like structure and we are hit with the most awful smell of rot, decay and vulture vomit ( I only know what that smells like after scaring a buzzard with my car to have it vom carrion all over the car).

Anyway, getting back to the story. My Grandma had three dogs that would follow us all over the woods but that day my dog Molly refused to come with us. In fact  all three dog seemed off that day.

We go a little closer before I tell J we need to get the heck out of there. He agreed and we turn to leave when I hear a branch snap from where we were just standing. We don't turn around we just run to the house and see Molly freaking out barking and biting at the fence.

She growled at me which is odd because I am the one who found Molly and we had a great friendship. She actually bit me that day trying to get me in the fence.

Now I am thirty years old and my grandma has long passed . My mom inherited the house and we go there every holiday . Even to this day at night we see the yellow eyes staring at us and it still makes me want to cry like a child.

Side note my brothers and I are from the same family but we are adopted our Grandfather was a pure Cherokee Indian  and medicine man .  I wonder if it is a windego or skinwalker messing with us .

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Hey I edited this for paragraphs and a bit of grammar. Please remember if you post again with no paragraphs you risk your story being deleted .
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