My experience with a skinwalker in Wayne County, OH.

2009: me and my best friend B, we’re camping in backyard in rural Shreve,OH. I grew up on a couple acres of land surrounded by roughly 1,500 acres of farmland.

As we’re camping and YouTubing skateboard videos we here coyotes in the woods off to our left. This is really common where I’m from and generally they don’t bother us. The coyotes were yelling and being loud and then just stopped making noise at all.

This is the first thing that really had us on edge. Out of nowhere we hear the sniffing of a large dog literally right outside the tent. We were pretty freaked out because this was the closest a coyote had been to either of us.

Out of no where a human-ish Hans rips open the tent door and we can just see it not doing anything. We sit in silence just looking out in the dark for what felt like 5 minutes but I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Out of no where some huge starts crawling underneath the tent and growling viciously. My friend grabbed the hammer we used for tent stakes and starts hitting this thing where he felt was the head. Instead of a yelp, like any dog would, this thing growled demonically.

After hitting it a few more times we sprinted through the tent door, across the 1 acre yard and through the door to my garage. Every time I glanced behind I just saw a big shadow following closely. No definition but it’s pitch black in the middle of nowhere.

We get inside and that’s really where the tale ends. I just remember being terribly scared for the whole night and I never trusted those woods again.

While I don’t have any obvious way to prove this was a skinwalker, it’s all I can think it to be based on it sounding like a large dog / having a human like hand and making low demonic growling noises. I’ll also note that while Bob was running in front of me I heard his voice yelling “ Stop behind “.

That’s my tale and that’s why now I learn all I can about cryptically. I do consider myself an amateur cryptozoologist.
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