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I live in New Mexico in a small town and im a college student. It was my last day of my college class before the weekend starts and everyone was in the classroom just talking about anything they have in mind.

A classmate of mine (lets call her kate) was talking about how she was going elk hunting in the mountains of ruidoso and she was excited to go. She began telling us that ruidoso has a lot of native American history and Indian reservations, then my curiously got the best of me and i asked her  *have you ever seen a skinwalker out in the woods?* I knew i broke a code since I done research on them and talking about them is a big red flag because they will turn their attention to you.

She told me straight up *yes they're very real and I've seen one before out there in the woods* she didn't really talk about so I decided to go home. As i got home, i went to my room to do my homework and had my window open just a little bit so the fresh cold winter breeze can enter my room. I got done with my homework and I took a quick shower, closed the window and head to bed.

I woke up around 2am out of the sudden, I had a feeling that i was being watched.

I wanted to get up from my bed to look out my window to see if there was something out there or it's just my mind playing tricks on me but then, the unexpected happened. I hear a deep growl coming from the side of my bed and just by hearing that i froze in my bed not wanting to move. I'm thinking to myself *am I dreaming* but I know I'm awake because i remember checking the time on my phone.

I started praying in my head hoping it'll go away.

Minutes fell like hours once I had the courage to move, I turned on my lamp and nothing everything was normal. The next day I try remembering what happening to me last night then it hit me. I must've attracted it to my room when I mentioned it to my friend Kate about the skinwalker encounter. Did it warn me not to talk about them? Either way it really freaked me out.
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