It’s a warm Georgia night, with a cool breeze, and a clear sky. I was with my sister, for this story we will just call her K. Me and K decided we would go exercising at the track at 10 p.m. due to the fact it was a quiet night. We Packed out gear and headed out, knowing her she’d had some stories to tell on the way. On this night she wouldn’t know we’d have a story of our own.

As we are driving to the track we are having idle chat about things going on in our town. I decided to ask K if she knew anything of skinwalkers, or any myth or legend. K really didn’t know anything of skinwalkers, but to my suprise she knew of wendigos. One thing that did make me uneasy on this ride to the track, is the fact the roads were empty and hardly any lights on. I brushed it off and figured everyone called it an early night in town.

We reach the track a bit earlier then expected, no cars in sight, no lights on at all, but one next to the parking spaces. We did our warm-ups and stretches before doing our 5 laps, but one thing was off, it was dead silent. Again I decided to brush it off due to the fact the track was next to building so no wildlife would be around. As we finished our warm-ups I decided to let k have a head start to let her work at her own pace, I joined in after her. Everything was great, not until the 4th lap.

As I began my 4th lap I noticed k was on the other side of the track on the left hand side of me, but not too far apart. That’s when I heard a gentle but very scratched or drowned voice in the bushes on the right side of me. The worst part of this voice is the fact it was K’s voice asking if I wanted to check something out in the bushes. My mind went completely blank with fear, but to my instinct, or whatever the hell was going on in my head, I completely ignored the voice and cut through the track to let k know we need to go. She was very confused, but thankfully out of energy and ready to go.

As I helped her walk through the dark and back to the car I hear something behind us. I noticed I left my duffle bag on the chairs, and went back to get the duffle bag as K got the car ready to go. At that moment, time around me was going slower then a feather falling, I saw K bellow the light just 20 meters in front of me. I hid behind a bricked water fountain, but enough so I can see it with my own eyes. I was petrified, it was K, but her skin looked like it wasn’t even her own, she was wearing something resembling deer skin.

My mind went completely white with fear at the sight of this thing. As soon as I reach for my duffle bag I see it twist it’s neck at a neck breaking speed to look at me. I could not move, the fear in me was holding me stronger then I could ever imagine. As I look at it longer it began to look more like something you would hear in horror stories. That’s when it’s mouth opened, and K’s voice came out and told me to come over here and help.

I began to get up and move slowly back, feeling like an eternity just making eye contact with this thing. As I felt the warmth of the car behind me, the only single light to the track shut off as soon as I see this monstrosity move towards me. I began to feel beads of sweat pour down my face as I began to panic and get into the car, and tell k calmly let’s leave now so I would not worry her or possibly scare her. We quickly left as soon as I told her we were ready to leave. I looked back to see the single light turn back on, but to my suprise there was nothing there at all. I sighed in relief once we got back into the center of town.

As a few days pass I asked K if she ever tried calling out to me at the track, she told me no. It made me uneasy but I was happy we were safe at home. to this day people say they feel uneasy at the track when doing laps at night when by themselves or with friends. I know personally I will never return to that track at night or early in the morning before sunrise. I still wonder if what I saw was really in my mind, or was it actually there.
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