Okay, so this story is kind of old. This was October 15th 2016, at the time i was living at my moms boyfriends place with her, my little sister, and my friend Elijah. We had my cousin over and me and Elijah were gonna scare them by dressing as a clown, because this was during the crazy clown phase. Elijah convinced them to go to the back yard and i jumped out as they got closer to me, and they both screamed really loud and nearly fell over, it was great. After Elijah came up to me and we highfived, we had heard them talking. They were muttering about how we were assholes as they were headed to the house.

I pulled out a doob and asked him if he wanted to smoke, he replied with a yes. Before we could light it though we heard the same muttering we heard from my sister and our cousin, they werent anywhere in sight, we then heard bushes rustle behind us.

These blackberry bushes were 7-8 feet tall and we saw a grey head. We froze then its neck snapped and turned over to look at us, elijah screamed "IT F-ING MOVED" we took off to the house. We had told my mom when we got there, both shaken and out of breath. Of course she didnt believe a word of it.

Elijah suggested we go back. I was hesitant but i had my camera at the ready this time. We go back and hear an almost static like voice repeating "it f-ing moved" and it suddenly jolted right past us probaby 5 yards away? Im not sure. Our neighbors dogs started barking furiously and freaking out.
The next day i went out to where we saw it, and the barbed wire fence that was between the neighbors yard and ours looked like a car went through it.

I unfortunately do not have the video, but i do have the screenshots from the one i took from

(I posted the pictures on the discord)
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