I’ve always listened to the stories from reddit that different YouTube channels post about Skinwalkers and Wendigos. 

I’d usually think to myself “these are obviously fake” but slowly overtime I started to believe them, not all of them but most. 

About 6-9 months ago, I’m not exactly sure when it started. I began hearing howling outside in my garden. 

I should explain that I live in the countryside in a small village in Scotland. Unless you drive it’s not really easy to get to. It’s surrounded by farm lands and small forest areas. Nothing crazy...that’s what makes this even weirder for me. 

My family own 3 Siberian huskies, all very behaved although the oldest of them Logan is a particular grumpy old dog. 

I usually stay up during the night as I have some mental health issues that cause me to struggle to sleep. I usually sit up with the dogs, let them out into the garden when needed, and watch YouTube on the tv to keep myself occupied. I do this until someone wakes up the next morning to which I would then go to bed to sleep. I should note I always keep every door locked with the key in the lock and windows locked and covered. 

I began hearing strange howls in my garden. I first thought it was probably another dog on the street where I live, but  no other dog owners have dogs that howl. They only bark and are kept in during the night ...I still palmed it off until I realised the howls sounded identical to my huskies. I’ve had these huskies for years and know their sound better than my own. 

I would check the house to see all three lying around me sleep soundly. I first would check outside and never noticed anything. I’d shrug it off and put it down to my horrible sleeping pattern. The sounds would never go away though. 

Eventually I would hear chapping and banging at the door, the door handle being battered and pulled on along with the occasional howl. I’d thought maybe I left a dog outside and opened the door but...nothing. I’d then notice all three behind me looking a bit uncomfortable, Logan sometimes growling. 

At this point I grew really uncomfortable and would avoid the kitchen all together. I would turn off all the lights and hide in the livingroom with the dogs watching the tv. If they needed out for the bathroom, I would stand at the door and call them in immediately after they were done. I wouldn’t let them near the back of the garden as it gave me a bad feeling in my stomach. I would never let them out without the garden light being on. 

5 weeks before covid19 hit, I went off sick from work due to mental health. This made my sleeping pattern 100 times worse. I stayed up every night without fail hiding with my dogs in the livingroom. I’d still hear howling and knocks on the back door leading to the garden every so often. I’d sometimes check outside to notice a large dark shadow at the back of the garden behind my dads small tool shed. This shed and my dads garden fence is 6ft tall. The shadow looks like it’s bending over but was at least the length of the fence alone. I would shrug this off thinking “It’s just a shadow” but still feeling that horrible stomach pain of fear. 

Another time I swear I saw the glowing of red or amber eyes but quickly ignored it and continued to hide in the livingroom watching the reddit stories. Eventually I’d feel I was being watched. My dogs would sometimes be on edge and I’ve noticed weird marks on their faces every so often the day after our night sits. 

My family say it’s just the dogs playing rough which is most likely is, but I can’t help but believe I have summoned a skin walker...it sounds stupid but people say calling it’s time and learning it’s stories bring them to you. I even used to say “I’d love to see one!”. 

Now I’m  kicking myself for those comments, always carrying a kitchen knife to the back door when downstairs alone. I even feel something watching me when I’m driving at night. I think I have severely screwed up...I have to deal with what I may or may not of summoned...

I even saw a big black house cat about a few nights ago. They usually get scared when I’m parking my car but this cat stared at me with giant amber eyes, followed me home then left. 

I now even get nightmares of a giant creature stalking me for the kill. However I always wake up before the finishing blow. 

Don’t joke about these things as it very well may be true and karma will punish you for being dismissive. 

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