I know this is one you’ve done a million times. But I wanted to share my story with you and this way you’ll have it for if you do decide to touch on the subject again. I shared it to my reddit and got an overwhelming response.  You’re one of my favorite narrators. 

Skin Walker

First, I feel as though I have to give you readers some background information about myself. I was raised by my mother who is 50% Cherokee and 50% French(<<<us kids have never met our biological grandpa) and believes in paranormal things but tries to pretend it isn’t there. And by my father who is Scottish/English, German and Jewish(by blood), he on the other hand is 100% atheist and is rather skeptical about things he cannot explain. He endeavors to be a logical and scientific person in all things. 

Well, due to major differences in personalities, beliefs and values; they divorced when I was 8. She soon married my stepfather who is a devout southern baptist from Mississippi and basically gave up her identity as a native and became a god fearing woman. 

Despite issues with my mother, my dad continued to let us visit with her mom and stepdad because he felt they were good people. They taught us many things about native culture, spirituality, legends and the people. My grandmother and I spent a lot of time together so I was given an opportunity to learn Cherokee Medicine. My grandma comes from a long line of medicine-men/women and is one herself. Now so many years later at the ripe old age of 23, I am one myself. 

So now you have some insight and I’ll continue. 

Now this isn’t a ghost story but I do believe it qualifies as paranormal as it is outside usual daily happenings. 

About 2 years ago, my father, brother and I moved into a new home a little more in the country than our previous homes had been. Something we all thoroughly enjoyed because we grew up immersed in nature and a love for the land. Shortly after moving there(about 3 months in) I decided it was time to expand my family by getting myself a puppy. This would be the first dog that would actually be in my care. I’ve always had a very strong connection to dogs as my guiding spirit is a wolf. (I learned this after a vision quest many years ago. That’s a story for another time though.) 

After a while of searching I came across a beautiful 5 month old, male; German Shepard/pit bull mix. I went to meet him and instantly fell in love. He was the greatest, very sweet, kind to the cats and protective of me. He became my best friend, everything you could want in a dog. 

Now, anyone who has owned a puppy/young dog will know, potty training is a task. Even after being with us 2 months he was still waking me up every 2-4 hours to go outside. Hard on the circadian rhythm but had to be done. On this occasion in particular we got a late night visitor we weren’t expecting... 

Like, I said my dog woke me up in the night, this time it was around 2:45am and I wasn’t ready but I dragged myself out of bed and clicked on the leash. Opening the back door, greeted me with a cool breeze. I rolled my eyes and went out into the yard with my pooch. He did the usual dog thing, sniffed around and jumped in the freshly cut grass, completely forgetting what we’d come outside to do in the first place. I whistled at him, recaptured his attention and he got back to business. 

As he squatted I turned my head to the sky offering him some privacy. The moon was exceptionally large that night, almost full but not quite. During this observation I began to realize There was no typical nighttime noise around me.  As if that wasn’t unusual enough, I had a shiver go down my spine and my arm hair began to stand on end. That’s when I heard my dog let out a low growl as he pinned himself against my legs. When I looked down as him his tail was tucked and hackles were raised. When I tried to move he pressed himself against me more.

Another shiver came over me and now I took the opportunity to follow where his eyes were looking. When I did I was looking at what  appeared to be a coyote. Not totally uncommon in the area, we’d heard them on many nights living here. But this was different, looked different, and felt different. The most frightening thing however was that it was looking right back at me. I didn’t move, didn’t take my eyes off of it, that’s how I was able to see it’s features so clearly in the moonlight. 

It’s fur looked thin, even bald in some spots. It’s eyes were yellow, not reflective yellow like you’d see on a dog in the dark, but yellow like the sun. Very powerful and almost blinding. Then looking more closely I noticed it’s back legs were longer than a normal coyote. Longer than any canine creatures should be actually. Starting at the hips and going down they seemed to look almost bipedal in design. That’s when it dawned on me just what I was seeing. 

I picked up my 60 lbs dog never taking my eyes off the creature. As I did I said a Cherokee prayer in my head, that I’d learned from my grandma. As if it was physically upset it backed up slightly and then I heard a voice that perfectly mimicked my grandma’s say, “why would you do that Mikkers?” No one aside from my grandparents ever called me that, it was their special name for me. With that I darted for the door, dog still in my arms entered, put him down and locked it behind me. 

The noise must have woken my brother because he came into the kitchen all bothered. He asked me what was going on and why the dog was all riled up, I held my finger to my mouth and shut off the light. We then made our way into the living room and shut that light off as well. And like something out of a horror movie the outline of a tall humanoid thing shown through the stain glass of the small window on the door, thanks to the bright moonlight. We both froze and he made a grab for the knob when it started to turn. Capturing it just in time to lock it. That’s when it spoke to him but this time in my grandpa’s voice. “Bubba, why don’t you let grandpa in?”(they live on the reservation in Cherokee, NC). His face turned ghost-white and he turned to me, that’s when I mouthed the word and he paled even more. It began to tap on the glass and we both went into my room and ignored the knocking.

The next night, around the same time the tapping grew louder. We sat in the living room praying to Unelanuhi( the Cherokee sun goddess, also called Great Spirt) that it would go away. The tapping turned into knocks which turned into pounding the more we prayed. This must have woken my father because he came downstairs in a huff. 

We’d told him about the night prior during the day but he didn’t believe us and thought it was just one of my brothers friends being an asshole. So when he saw the silhouette in the window he grew more angry and made a b-line for the door. We yelled at him to not open it but he did, however instead of harming him, it seemed to be afraid because it got down on four legs again and disappeared down the road. My dads face paled as he stumbled back a few steps. He locked the door behind him and we all went to bed.

The next day we talked about the situation, I explained to him the natives call this creature a Skin-walker. They aren’t very common in Cherokee legend, they’re more of a western native legend but my grandparents still taught us about them. Dad being the skeptic just summed it up to a weird thing he couldn’t explain. Later that day I went to our local “Craft” store and bought Juniper ash, as my grandma instructed and sprinkled it around our house. 

It never returned but my dog was never the same after that night. It’s as though the entire experience changed him. He went from a loving animal to mean and unpredictable. He started lashing out at anyone who wasn’t female. We tried correcting it over the course of a year and a half but nothing helped. He finally harmed my brother, causing him to bleed and I was forced to find him a new home. Luckily he is with a couple, who are both female and he seems much happier but even to this day I guarantee he won’t go out at night. 

I didn’t mention the name of the creature very many times because it’s considered a bad omen in native culture to give those things energy. If anyone is nervous after reading/hearing this, I attached a prayer and ritual taught to me by my grandmother. 

I hope you enjoyed and pleasant dreams.

*****  “O’mother goddess and Father god; for thine protection I now pray. Let all evil turn away. Protect my night, protect my day. And keep misfortune away”

I then suggest smudging the inside of your house with white sage. You can do it by itself but I like to tie lavender into my smudging stick. Lavender is calming and smells better than sage. When you do this start in the most northern area, then East, South and finally west. You should also smudge the frames of your front and back door, basement door also if it’s a walkout basement. And windows. And say this prayer:

“Into this smoke, I release all energies that no longer serve me, All negativity that surrounds me and all fears that limit me. So I wish it, so it is.”

Thank you 
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Joshua Lino ZiCo
ooh i like this one. poor dog though. 🙁
Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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Darkness Prevails

@Mmiller96 Thank you so much for the story! I narrated it today 🙂

Please keep this in mind for future submissions:

  • Notes like the ritual and prayer you added at the end of your story aren't going to be narrated as they are not directly tied to the plot and would detract from the pacing of the story if read. Also, a lot of people aren't religious and reading guides like that make them uncomfortable or pull them out of the story. BUT I went ahead and let people know where to find this post (via a link and how to find it on this website) in case they wanted to see your guide!
EDIT: Just wanted to add that you are completely free to keep posting such guides and notes in your submissions, though! I just avoid narrating certain things for the sake of keeping the audience focused on the plot and entertained.
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Tiffany Mauer2013
I listened to the narration of this at work last night. It had me on the edge of my seat, so to speak. Thank you for sharing, and thank you darkness for the narration of such a wonderful story. 
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Looks like you have an abdominal snowman on the loose...
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I keep wondering what would happen if it would try to scare you and you just walk up and hug it or something. What do you think would happen?
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I  have had 3 encounters already,lost people in the process,almost lost my dog,live in fear have to do something,I have been marked by someone who envies everything  i  worked for ,I am of Native American Decent.
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