This all happened in the summer of 2016. At this time, I was 14. I have ten siblings, but when this happened, I only had eight. Only three out of the eight of my siblings were with me because my younger sister, younger brother, older brother, my dad, and I were on a trip to Oregon. In Oregon, my dad was on a business trip. When everything happened, my dad was at work and my older brother, Damien, was babysitting us. Damien was seventeen, and my other two younger siblings, Jenna and Coddy, were only ten.

So, I was sitting on the sofa in our hotel room. We had just arrived in Oregon about two days before. I was texting a couple of friends from New York, where I live. I laughed pretty loudly and Damien told me to shut up. I said sorry and we continued to mess around. At around 7o, Jenna came running up to me and kept annoying me about whether or not she could have a cookie. I just told her no every time she asked. It was kind of late and I didn't want her staying up all night because she was hyper on sugar. Eventually, Jenna gave up and headed to Damien's room, probably to go bug him about it. A few moments later, Damien came bursting out and had a very angry look on his face. I sat up and set my phone down next to me on the couch. I asked him what was wrong and his exact words back to me were, "Emily, are you serious? What the hell? Why'd you do that to Jenny?" I had no idea what he was talking about of course, so I just gave him a confused look. He rolled his eyes and decided to explain himself, "Jenna said you whispered in her ear and said something creepy," once again I was confused. Jenna spoke out. Now, I don't remember exactly what SHE said, but I remember the main idea of it. Jenna said something along the lines of, "I'm sure it was a girl, and I'm the only girl other than Emily!" I, Emily, just took it as a little lie she told to either creep us out or get me in trouble by Damien. We all went to bed, probably assuming the same thing. I explained and promised to Damien that I didn't do it, and I really had no reason to lie to him, he knew that. He wouldn't get very mad at me if I did, might have laughed at it even.

The next morning, there was a knock at the door. Now, it was like 8:00 am and it was room service. The woman that came in was in her late 30s, at least she looked that way. Since my dad was already at work and Damien was still asleep, I was the one to open the door. I opened it and invited her in. She thanked me and began bringing in her cart thing. I had a lot of experience for hotels since my dad traveled a lot and usually brought me with him, so I knew dad had probably ordered all of us breakfast and sent it in. As soon as the woman entered my and Jenna's room, she just stopped at the end of the bed and scurried to the corner of the room. She covered her eyes and started begging for mercy. Jenna sat on the bed with wide eyes. We both looked at each other and then looked back at the woman. I approached her, thinking maybe she was just a little mentally unstable, "Hey, are you alright?" I asked her. She cowered, trying to back away even further. She uncovered her eyes, took one more glance at us, then screamed, "Please! Please, don't hurt me! I had no idea my sins would be so dreadful! You must forgive me, my beautiful lady!" the woman made absolutely no sense what so ever. I could tell she wasn't just messing around to weird us out though, she had tears in her eyes. She was genuinely scared. I didn't know why, or who. I just knew she was scared. I asked the woman why she was so scared and just answered with, "You're the Sisters of Trepidation! The younger sister, she's a goddess of light! The older one is the former goddess of light! She performed a sin and is now known as the demon of the dark! Together, they both stop anyone who had done a sin and warns them once and even sometimes kills them the first time!" once again, no sense at all. Nothing that came out of this woman's mouth made ANY sense. My sister ran over to me hugged me from behind. She was crying and she her voice was barely coherent, "That's her! That's who whispered in my ear last night, Emz! She said she was one of the sisters of trepidishion!" she said the word 'trepidation' wrong, or maybe it was because she was crying. The woman took one last good look at us and ran out the door.

Jenna and I were very confused but just decided to shrug it off for the time being. We woke up Damien and Coddy and we all ate. Later in the day, I did a little research on the 'Sisters of Trepidation' but couldn't find anything. I thought that it was all just the woman's imagination. The next day, I looked into the whole subject again, but the only thing I found was an article on some Roman history. I can't find the article now but I'm sure it's still out there. I remember the article telling about how the first daughter of a Roman God was alleged the Goddess of Light. The Roman God disappeared, which is why the girl was then a Goddess. When he came back around 260 years later, mysteriously, he had another child. She wasn't allowed to become Goddess since her sister was Goddess. About 400 years later, the older sister was framed for killing over 300 humans by setting fire to a large village. The older sister was renounced the position of Goddess of Light and the younger was forced into the role. Both sisters were bitter and worked together to form a pact between the light and dark sides of Rome. They called themselves the Sisters of Trepidation. They went around all of Rome and stopped anyone who committed sins to ever commit any again by giving them a harsh warning or just killing them on the spot. The pact only lasted around 150 years. Both were killed and a new Goddess of light was announced. This was labeled as a simple myth and legend, but that woman definitely seemed to believe it. Nowadays it's rumored that the sisters continue to transport their souls into girls that are siblings. They continue to 'reincarnate'. I have no idea what made that woman believe that we were the sisters, but I have a feeling that perhaps we looked like them. But one thing I can't stop thinking about, even now, is what my sister said about someone whispering in her ear. A couple days later, Jenna, Coddy, and I were watching the news. Of course, none of us were paying much attention, but one story I did catch was about how one of the hotel employees had jumped off the side of a building. The police found her death letter. She had written nine. One was addressed to Room 314 in the hotel we were staying in. Here's the thing, the room Damien and Coddy were staying was room 312. And the one Jenna and I were staying in was room 314. Unsurprisingly, the next day, the letter was sent to our room. Of course, Jenna didn't want it. But, to this day, I STILL have it. If I could, I'd most definitely share a picture. The letter read,

'Dearest Sisters of Trepidation,
I want you to know that I apologize greatly for my sin. Every night, I had no idea that you both knew I spied on the five of you. To be honest I had completely forgotten about it and forgot the room numbers. I thought the rooms I was spying into were on the fourth floor. I didn't mean to kill anyone. I was just so certain they wanted to kill me. I had no idea what I was doing. I forgot that you both would see. Would know. If I could, I'd go back but I accept my fate of death. I deserve it for being such an idiot. I fear that the death you would have given would be worse then what I did to myself.
I'm sorry,
Amelia K. Adams'

And on the day we got the letter, my sister tells me that she heard another whisper. A couple years later, when I remember the story and I asked her what the woman who whispered to her said, my sister responded with, "She told me that if I told anyone, especially....." the next thing my sister says makes me believe the story even more. It makes me scared, almost for my life, ".....'such an important part of my being and hers, as well as her sister's' she'd kill me..." I asked her what else the woman said, and why she said I was 'such an important part of my being and hers, as wells as her sister's'. My sister didn't completely know but tried her best to explain more, "Well, she said that you were the key to her sister's life and that the body of her....but she never said why it threatened my and her life..." I didn't ask anymore questioned regarding that day. It seemed to make my sister very uncomfortable and I have a feeling something else happened that I don't know about, but I could be wrong.
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