Phillip S.
  I've had some creepy experiences in my life, like working at a haunted hotel for an example, but this story isn't my own. It is actually my mothers.
We were in the car a few days ago and we were discussing various topics about the creepy and the paranormal. I asked her what is the creepiest thing she has experienced. She began to tell me one from her childhood. She was at New Brunswick in New Jersey, where she was born and raised, and was thirteen in the 1970's at the time of the experience. There was three of them including her. She didn't tell me who but I think it might be my uncles Fred and Mark. She was in Kroger's, which back then was a small store before it became a supermarket, doing some shopping. She told them she would wait for them outside, where it is dark, and sat on a bench. She then saw what looks to be a man across the street under a street light. She couldn't remember the shirt he is wearing but remembers that he was wearing green work pants and glasses. He smiled at her and waved. This freaked my mother out so much that she went back inside. When she came back out he was gone. She went back home and told her mother, my grandmother, what she saw and describe the man to her. Her mother began to cry. When my mother asked her what is wrong she told her that  it was her father and that during her fathers funeral that is what he is wearing. He never really wears his glasses but he did at his funeral. He died before my mother was born so she could never have known that. She had a soft tone while telling me her story and was calm. I believe what she said. I don't think she would lie about this.
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