This isn't my story but my mothers, when she was 19, she and her friend i'll call him N, were in one of the worst car crashes in our towns history. They were driving down the road in a small green Saturn under the influence of many different things that night , they were going 70 in a 40 my mother in the driver's seat and N in the passenger. They ended up losing control and slamming passenger side into a telephone pole. My mom woke up in a blurred and confused daze, while there was ruble from the crash everywhere. The engine ended up in her lap so she started picking up pieces from the car and throwing it out of the window trying to get free, she ended up losing and regaining consciousness multiple times, but after she lost consciousness again swears she saw an almost angelic ball of light sounding similar to N's voice screaming for her to wake up. Now from what paramedics told her it took 1 hours for anyone to find her, about 4+ hours just to get to her and another 2 to get her out, they were crying as they pulled her out because her entire lower half was crushed from the engine then pushed back behind her. She was internally bleeding for hours because her carotid artery in her thigh was damaged, the only thing that kept her from bleeding out externally was her thigh bone 7cm from protruding out. When they got her out one lung was filling so as they evac flew her out of there a lady had to literally drill through the left side of my mothers ribs into her lungs to save her, no anesthetic when this happened . When she did wake up she was in the hospital, her lower half was in a cast having to be reconstructed, rods and pins replacing what was once bone. There were so many tubes she couldn't even talk so she had to write everything down. She wrote down " Where is N?" but sadly he had died on impact. The scariest part of it all is the only reason anybody even found her was because an off duty officer happened to be driving down the road and saw the shiny reflection of metal in his headlights, if he didn't investigate the metal I wouldn't be here writing this today.
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