When I was about 8, I had found myself daydreaming so often, it felt real. I had made up a cousin in my own head and still have those memories to this day. My mother tells me I've never had a cousin named Nikky and that it must have been a dream. But as I grew older, more and more memories started flooding in. I thought I was crazy at first and that I might need a therapist...or three. But when we moved out of our home in the woods, the memories of Nikky slowed, and I started making these new memories with an old friend named Jackie. Jackie was sweet and quiet and we always hung out at the park atop the hill by my school. I remember always asking her if she wanted to stay the night and always, I'd get the same answer. "I have to ask my sister." She would run off past the parking lot and not come back until the next day. If I asked to go with her she would tell me that I would have to wait there. I tried to follow her once but she zipped into the woods beside the playground and I lost her.
From then on, I stopped asking and we just played at the park. I had wondered why I never saw her at school but she said she learns at home so I dropped that too.
Everyday I would do my chores and run the next block over to hangout with Jackie. I did this for about a year until one day around August, Jackie asked if I could stay at her house. I jumped up and down all giddy, told her to wait there, and ran straight home. My mom had said she'll have to meet her parents and I was cool with that.
We walked back to the park (well I skipped) and I met up with Jackie. (I know what you're thinking, Jackie was fake right? Wrong.) My mom waved hello and we followed Jackie to her house. It was a giant white house at the end of the road of a dead end street. She knocked on the door and then mumbled something into the old fashion mail slot on the bottom of the door.
When the woman had opened it, I knew immidiately who she was. "Nikky!" I jumped around and pointed at her. "See mom! I told you! I didn't make her up!" The woman standing at the door looked shocked and confused at the same time.
"Do I know you?" Nikky squints and shakes her head and I started to recall the memories of us together back to her. How she taught me how to write her name. How we broke the trampoline while it was snowing. How we were cousins. She started crying and I thought I said something wrong. My mom was too confused to say anything other than, "Apologize, now." I said sorry and went to leave.
All sad like I waved at Jackie and Nikky stops me. I remember the sad look on her face as she searched my eyes.
"You're Jackie's friend, Kayla right?" (Kayla isn't really my name) I had nodded and she agreed to let me stay the night. Of course my mom had talked to her to get to know her a bit and then she left. I went to play with Jackue but Nikky had called us into the kitchen. She sat at the table with a piece of paper and pebble.
"Did someone tell you these things?" I shook my head, it was all my memories. She sagged back in the chair and started asking me more questions, something about how long and how far do my memories go back and stuff. I answered what I could and when she was satisfied enough, she let us play again. Before I left that night, Nikky told me to come back again so we could play like old times. When I nodded to her, she whispered a name under her breath. Paisley
A couple months later, I come to find that Paisley was Nikky's smaller cousin who had died playing out on the train tracks by my old house. Nikky believed that Paisley stayed in the mortal realm in me to still be around her.
I ended up moving the next year and haven't seen them since, but every now and then I still get a memory of someplace my parents say I've never been.

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