Another french surrender

Hi in one of my stories I talked about a girl at my camp grounds, well she’s back and doing more then stare. Around 12 am last night I got woken up by a knock at the door but my dog (Hunter) didn’t bark or even look up until I moved.

I opened the door with my little pocket knife in my hand at my side but no one was there. I kept the knife on me until I fell asleep but at around 2 there was a knock on my grandpas music room door(it’s the room right beside the living room) again hunter didn’t bark or look up but I was petrified. I laid there with my knife pretending to be asleep and I heard the music room door open and wet footsteps come towards me.

I opened my eyes to see who was there but saw nothing but footprints. My grandma called me off sick today because I had a fever of 106 and was puking. I was brushing my teeth and looked into the mirror and saw her behind. I turned around fast and saw nothing, and I’m feeling worse and worse as the day goes on. I know she did something to me something evil. I’m gonna be off for a while.

Joel D Prichard
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