My story begins in my home in Utah, I have been here for a few years And I have lived in Utah my whole life. The home is in a fairly new community and my family only moved here because A new job opportunity. Now I had never really encountered the paranormal and was a very big skeptic. I do however  love scary stories whether true or not they are fun to listen to. The first weird things happened to my sister she was in her room and her door was closed so was her window when a ball rolled twice then stopped in front of her dresser I also need to add the air conditioning was off and the ball was a good foot or 2 in front of the dresser. After that the door to the the attic which was in that same room would keep moving on it’s own. Usually discovered by my parents or her. My parents shrugged it off as something else moving it. After that my siblings and  I would hear doors slam footsteps up stair when we were home alone or all accounted for downstairs. The spirit who resided here shifted its focus on me.now  I stay up late at night usually cause I find a good show in YouTube. One night around 2:30 or 3:00 i heard a knock on my door. The odd thing was it was my dads knock it startled me then I said to come in and nothing happened. I cautiously opened the door and saw nothing but I did hear my dad sleeping he is a pretty loud snorer. The next night I went to bed at a reasonable hour but I was woken up at around 5:00 I felt like I was being watched I slowly rolled over and saw a tall figure by my closet door it terrified me it filled with such terror and dread. Now will mention it was solid black. I stared at it for a minute then I pulled the covers up and tried to go back to sleep. I was able to but I still was thinking of the figure I had seen. Over the next month it did not come back until I was sleeping in another room in the house this time it came to me in a dream but it was with another spirit. It shifted my dream from happy to terror it spoke to me telling me to remember it. When I awoke I could feel them in the room for the rest of the night I was restless. After this it has not visited me I have however witnessed the bathroom light turning off on its own while I am using the bathroom and a bottle of hairspray move across the counter. The intriguing thing is after these events a third spirit came and I believe it is my grandfather who died in the early 90s from cancer. He comes and sits in the end of my bed. I know he is there cause the weight on my legs and the mattress pushing down. he does the same for my sister. Now I Didn’t mention this experience to her until she told about her similar experience. The spirit who reside here my siblings call Geoff. I am just grateful to have a family member on the other side keeping this curious spirit at bay.
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