In 2016 I had two amazing blessings happen to me, the first being the birth of my son and the second was that my wife and I had just bought our first house. We were in the process of moving into the new house when my wife went into labor.

After my sons birth and our three day stay in the hospital we finally had a chance to stay in our brand new home. We where so excited at first, our first week was pretty uneventful except for a filling of dread in the basement. Which we decided to ignore as we spend most of the time upstairs any way and only go into the basement on our way to the garage.

A few days later my mother in law came to spend three months with us to help my wife and I with our little bundle of joy. Now she stayed in the guest room next to my sons room upstairs and across the hall from our room. A week into her visit and she pulled me aside and asked what was with the shadow one the stairs at night. I looked at her puzzled and asked "what are you talking about?"

She went on to tell me that when she would get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom she always saw the shadow of a man standing on the stairs and felt like she was being glared at. The shadow would not move but just stand there. She told me that she didn't want me to tell my wife about it because she didn't want to worry her. I told her that as long as it was not trying to attack her that it would be alright and that we would pray for protection.

After a month we started to hear noises both upstairs and down stairs. I talked to my wife and we agreed to have our pastor come and bless our house. During the blessing my wife and I heard a loud audible sigh, and for the first time felt more at peace in the house.

A year later and for the most part things had quieted down minus three am feedings for my son. Then one day my wife came to me and said that she had gone to check on my son when she looked over at the stairs and said she saw a shadow with no one attached to it standing on the stairs. This time we didn't wait to call our pastor who immediately came over to bless our house again. During the blessing we felt the house shudder and heard another loud sigh, and then every thing was at peace. Thankfully it has been over a year now since we had our home blessed again and nothing else has happened.
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