My name is Lenny, I live in Warsaw, Poland. I have had a number of strange experiences that I can only describe as paranormal upon examining it in the aftermath of each event. Some small, really without any backstory, just odd happenings within a normal day. Some like something out of a horror movie.

One such experience is about what me and my cousin Cal can only describe in short as a Shadow Figure.  In the summer of 2015 my cousin bought a medium sized property, 1,100 square meters on the edge of a forest outside of Warsaw, the house on the property was very small but not that old, built in the 1970’s. Every time we went up there it was a great time, drinking, bonfires, BBQ’s, biking in the area, a pristine set of bike paths. One particular evening we were the only ones awake so after sitting on the porch talking about random stuff, I threw the idea to go midnight biking to the old Dutch cemetery by the old elementary school about 2.5 miles from the cottage. There’s a lot of these types of cemeteries in the Masovian Voievodoship, most abandoned, with last burials being before world war 2, some were national landmarks so they were kept up by local authorities. This particular one was maintained by the school next to it. As a side note,  when the school was being built on the cemetery grounds, some graves were omitted and I don’t know if they are still there, but in the 1930’s and 40’s there were reports of hauntings, lights going off and on, footsteps and such.  

Anyway, so we rode our bikes there to take pictures of us standing by the graves, but still being respectful to the deceased, after walking around and taking pictures, we went across the street from the cemetery and drank a beer and were on our way off back to the cottage, nothing happened there or on the way back. So we are sitting drinking one final beer before calling it a night, Cal went into the kitchen for something, the kitchen is right by the front door, so he was about 7-8 feet from where I was sitting on the porch, then suddenly the headlight on my bicycle turned on and started flashing, this was a new bike and the light was brand new as well, no chance of it short circuiting or anything, Cal looked at me confused cause he saw the light as well, he thought I turned it on, but I showed him it was impossible to reach it from where I was sitting, so we just ignored it and went on talking on the porch, then the light on his bicycle started flickering, we got goosebumps and just froze looking at each other like what the fuck…? I turned the light off and we decided that’s enough of that, he went to close the front gate for the night, and I went to the outhouse behind the cottage. I get back to the porch and he’s still not there, I’m thinking ‘what the hell is he doing, building the damn gate?’, suddenly I hear him say in a surprised tone ‘where the hell are you going?’ so puzzled I asked him ‘what the hell are you talking about?’. There’s a pause and I see him almost running up to me with a shocked look on his face; ‘So that wasn’t you walking past me??’ I answered him ‘are you insane, I was standing here the whole time’. Suddenly neither of us felt sleepy and we sat there and tried to make sense of the whole thing, after 15 minutes at about 2:30 am we went off to sleep.

 In the guest room I slept pretty well, until at about 5 am or so I hear 3 taps on my window right by the bed, I quickly spring up and look around for the joker who did it, nobody in sight, I heard no laughing from kids who lived down the street as the only neighbours present. They were all fast asleep, I lay there until everyone was awake and asked my cousin if that was some retarded idea of his and he looked at me weird and said no. Nobody else knew yet about our little adventure the previous evening so they were all clean.

When we got back to civilization, the following Monday morning I wake up to get ready for work and I’m just looking down with no particular purpose and suddenly 3 scratch marks appear just below my left bicep and it burned for a while. I know enough about this sort of stuff to know it’s a mock of the Holy Trinity by a demon, I’m not religious but still possess knowledge of this sort of stuff. I took a picture of it with my phone, the mark stayed for a few days then disappeared. For the next week I had episodes at work and home that were classic slight demonic possessions, I threatened to cut up a co-worker, I was extremely aggressive at times, which was not normal for me. I just felt hate and anger towards people for no reason. Slowly over time these things subsided and went back to normal. We never went back to that cemetery at night, sometimes I go by there on my bike during the day and I only glance at it knowing to never go back there at night again.
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