So, a little background. As you guys should know by my username, my real name is Marina. I have a glitch in the matrix story that I hope you will enjoy. I have experienced other stuff such as the paranormal other than this, and I may get around to sharing those sometime too. But that’s unnecessary for now. So back to what I was saying, my name is Marina, and the year of experiencing this was 2016, and I am 10 years old right now, therefore I still experienced this at this age. So, it is a major necessity for me to mention that half the story happened in 2016, and the other happened 5 years earlier so it was 2011.

So, it basically all began 5 years prior to now. When 2011 came by, I would always visit this pond, it would be in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and where I lived back then was a very remote area. So I would pretty much be the only person there, and probably the only person that knew of its existence. As for that, not even my family knew. None of my parents, nor brothers and I’m a girl, which means for me I was always quite lonely seeing as I was the only girl besides my mother. It was quite weird in hindsight that my parents wouldn’t really care if I left the double story house which is the one I lived in back in those times. I mentioned “double story house” for a reason. That’s because we were a very ‘split apart’ family if you know what I mean. If not, I mean we weren’t really ever spending time together, and the size of the home makes it more… split apart.

With all that information, you should have a vivid idea of the beginning details. So starting with the actual story itself…

This one particular beautiful evening, sky blue, sun yellow, grass green, I was walking to the pond I’d visit each Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. It is also important for me to mention that the walking distance from our house to this pond was about 1 mile, so as a result probably 20 minutes from Google research to get there. Today was a quite boring Friday, and it was scheduled in my mentally visual to do list was I was supposed to be going to the pond. Just as an extra sentence I’m adding in that isn’t really important, I decided to name the pond “Marina’s Pond of Boredom” because I was indeed bored and it was only named that in my mind.

Starting with the actual beginning of the story, I was probably 10 minutes into the walk. So literally half way, until I saw something quite peculiar. Before I continue, you may think that what I’m gonna say next isn’t that peculiar but the next will explain why. I saw another person walk back the opposite direction to where I was heading. So the reason why I thought this was weird was because as I said, we are the only people in this very remote area. As she walked by (it was a girl) I noticed she looked like someone else in my family, she looked related… somehow. Walking, it seemed as if she was trying to figure out something to say. She looked around the ages of 10 years old. I continued, but trying to put this at the back of my mind but failed. This isn’t something you could just forget about straight away, it’s something that takes time. Just how, like… How related she looks to my family. The rest of the walk had no strange encounters.

When I arrived to my destination, I had the usual fun I did when I visited. Fortunately my parents would allow me to wet myself so I jumped into the water. Getting my blue jeans wet. The jeans that were multi-coloured in blue, basically multiple shades of the one colour. Also getting my blue denim jacket and my short sleeved top with this artistic looking elephant. It had a black stroke with the average details of an elephant and was filled in white, but had random black lines with patterns going into them. I threw my hot pink and magenta backpack outside the pond just about where these pond barriers were. In hindsight, the barriers weren’t actually visible though. I just decided to call it that back at the time because I was quite young and I only knew very little. And it also just might be my imagination back then, either way, they’re still answers to something that doesn’t need to receive answers seeing as it wasn’t that big of a deal. I enjoyed the time I spent there because I had so much fun over there and it was just great to be alone somewhere that nobody else knew about and have some privacy for a change. These are the reasons why I loved visiting this pond!

With you knowing what happened for the first entire half or the story, you probably know what the rest is. As for that, I’m still gonna type this down anyway.

Fast forward 5 years, I am now 10 years old and this just happened quite recently. I moved out of that house when I was 7 years old and since then, for 3 years I haven’t been to that pond I would usually visit. So 3 stray years no visiting. I moved into a town in Melbourne Australia and I loved the compony there. I am so much mature to what I use to be. However the town I lived in was only 1 hour away from my old home and that pond was about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to. I really did miss the pond, and it had been ages since I had gone, so I decided to go for the sake of missing such a thing so much!

Starting the much longer journey to how it originally was, I was walking, endlessly walking. My parents and brothers had gone to one of their mate’s places and they allowed me to roam free while they are at the stay. I got to the pond some time later, and eventually I jumped into the water. The water was sort of dirty and… old, but that didn’t bother me. That didn’t make me change my mind about one thing here. All thoughts, all enjoyment was kept the same. 30 minutes went by, and I started walking back to where the old house was, because beyond my old home was the town I now lived in.

Half way into the walk I saw this girl. Roughly 5 years old at the most and least. Walking by her, I noticed she had been wearing a pink top, with this elephant with a black stroke filled in with white and random black lines going across it. Also, the cool blue denim jacket was worn and these multi-coloured blue pants with white strings randomly laid across them. Also, I saw her hot pink and magenta backpack hanging over her shoulders. Later I was trying to figure out the right words to say to her, I couldn’t. I was so distracted because… only when I met back up with my family I realised that the 5 year old girl that walked by me, was… me. I figured because she looked insanely related to my family. Then, I remembered when I encountered the future me when I was a little girl. I was confused at first but then, all of this was pieced together. Back then, I saw me as the future self, and now I just saw my past self.

Weird, a glitch it was? I think so… it’s probably very unlikely that others have experienced something close to this, but if so, I’d love to hear it! This is a very legit and true story. Only now while typing this out, I realised that she was wearing the same exact clothes that I saw as my past self, then when I actually was my past self. This is something that will be in me forever, and I find it very special because others may have glitch in the matrix stories, but may not have the same idea of my true one. Only very few, experience this type.

Since then, I haven’t told any of my family members what has happened because they most likely would say that’s its false and is probably a matching dream or your imagination or even a reoccurring dream. But because of how realistic it felt, I know it was REAL! Instead of sharing it with my family or friends (because they would think the same as my family) I decided to share it with the wonderful community of horror story narrators and their fans! Hopefully you believe it’s true because this is 100% legit. Also, thank you for taking your time to read or listen to my story, because I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

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