Now this may seem weird, I have had contact with the reaper. It was back when I was...8 or something...but I was walking home from a sleep over when I heard footsteps behind me, I knew that I was the only one on the street. I did not want to turn around. I was very tired. Eventually I turned around. And I saw him. He wore a hood with a full trench coat that was black along with pants and some boots that looked like it's been around fire. It had a scythe, and it had a strong smell of blood. And the entire blade was crimson. He or it, if I hadn't said it before had gloves and no way to see a face, it was just shadows. I started to back away, but it started saying "Do not cross...your not ready yet." I had no idea what it meant, until I turned around. I was actually in the street due to my panic. And In the next few seconds, I figured out why he said 'Do not cross.' A red truck was inches away from hitting me. I turned back and he was gone. A friend came around the corner and he just did the old high-five greet and I didn't tell him about the grim reaper, but I did tell him about the truck. The reaper saved me, and I'm still trying to peice together why. I'm happy I moved out of Seattle.

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