So this is not MY experience but these are my friends experience. But they take place in the same school area. To this day I am 11 and going into sixth grade. So this took place a few months ago during winter. Recess had just ended and we were in line , after about ten minutes of waiting, one of the teachers announced the power had gone out all over town. And so we had eat lunch in the classrooms. Our teacher said to take one of the flashlights with you if you went to the bathroom. My friends Larry and Iven went to the bathroom, and they came back terrified, they told us someone had been standing behind them despite Larry and Iven being the only ones in the bathroom. From what I remember they said the figure had glowing eyes and Long hair. I should mention that something like this has happened before, but in third and 4th grade, My friends kat and grass have both had an experience where in a bathroom stall they felt a hand touch them and would turn around with nothing there... If you think this story is fake I hope you ask my friends who experienced this. That night this happened I slept on my parents floor.
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