by Tyson N


scary sleepover story



this story takes place 2 years ago in 2017 when i was 12 my parents rented a cabin for them self's and me and my friend stayed home at my place we did the usual stuff that 12 year olds do play video games eat junk food and watch movies then it was around 12;30 when we heard a knock up stairs it sounded like someone was walking around upstairs it scared me and my friend so we grabbed a baseball bat and my hunting knife and we started to walk upstairs but then we a someone standing at the top of the stairs we screamed and ran like hell out of their we headed for the woods were we saw that person following us we jumped behind a dead fallen tree and stayed as quite as possible then i heard the most sickening scream as that person grabbed my friend and then i swung that bat as hard as i could and hit the guy in the face it must have broke his nose or jaw or even both he was bleeding a lot then we ran back to my house and we called the cops they said hide in a room with a lock on the door so we did just that then we heard the sound of relief cop sirens we answers the door and they scanned the property and found nothing and never heard seen or spoke of that time ever again this all happen in Canada BC so beware if you hear something and you think its nothing better have a knife and it be nothing then not care and they get you thanks for reading and listening bye PS sub to darkness prevales he earned it

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@morgesmores - Can you please edit this for run on sentences. Its really hard to follow along what is happening, in its present state. It is the responsibility off the author to ensure their story is coherent. If you need any tips on how to do this, please message me or the Admin. 
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