Part 1

Im from a Dutch Gypsy family, my family has a creepy story about a Man with a top hat, some said it was a demon thats only purpose was to make someones live a living hell, others said it was the spirit of an insane man that lived in a small Village about 200 or 300 years ago and was killed by the villagers because he did horrific things, they said the demon targeted naughty children and would show up every night and would only go away if the child said they were not afraid of him anymore, my niece said she always saw him standing in a corner, looking at her, she said he looked like he had a large hat, a cape and no face, every night she said he was there, her grandfather eventually told her to tell the spirit that she wasnt afraid of him anymore, once she did, the spirit vanished until she had a daughter, she claimed that the spirit looked at her daughters
, when he saw her he vanished again. 

Part 2

My dad claims he also saw the man with the hat, he describes the encounter like this: it was a dark rainy night, they were watching tv, they heard a loud bang on the window, when they looked no one was there, when my dad was sleeping he heard it again, the bang was so loud that everyone in the house heard it, when they all looked outside they saw a figure which he describes as being extremely tall, too tall for a human, he had a cape and and a large hat, he was standing next to a pole, he then vanished, they never saw him again, my family is a strong believer in the paranormal and my grandparents who are Christian strongly believed it was a demon. 

The Witte Wieven (the Wise Wives) 
  • The Witte Wieven mean Wise Ladies in Drenths (A Southern Dutch Dialect) the Witte Wieven are said to be evil Witches or Fairies that will dance with you for all eternity, they live the woods and if you hear laughter it might be a Wise Woman, now heres one of the encounters i heard from people who claim to have seen a Wise Woman: I was walking in the woods like i always do if im bored, i was listening to the birds singing and water flowing through the river, but suddenly i heard laughter when i looked around i saw nothing, i brushed it off as being a trick of the mind, when i walked further i heard it again, this time it sounded closer when i looked around my heart stopped, it was a woman who had this white glow around her and it looked like she was levitating, she suddenly charged at me and i ran, when i ran i looked behind me, i saw her in the distance coming towards me, i ran even faster, when i got home, i locked all the doors, i looked out the window and i saw her standing there in the distance, she soon left and i never saw her again. When you ever go on a trip to Holland, Beware the Wise Ladies.
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 My great grandmother was from Holland in the Netherlands and emmigrated to the U.S. during the second world war.
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