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I’m not sure if this is the type of story you want but here we go. 

i was 22 and had given birth to my first child. I had to have a spinal block so I was paralysed from the waist down and couldn’t move my legs. It was just me and my new born daughter in the hospital room. She was asleep and I was relaxing. My husband went to get a coffee. 
there was a knock at the door and in entered a lady. She explained that she was going to help me wash. She got some soapy water ready and helped me clean. Through out the experience she kept telling me about how when she was younger she was molested. I felt so uncomfortable, vulnerable and didn’t know what to do. After what felt like a life time she left. 
My husband soon returned and I broke down crying about what had just happened, bare in mind she was cleaning intimate areas. He went and spoke to my main midwife.  The ward went in to lockdown. Turns out the lady didn’t work for the hospital. She was a lunatic that somehow got it to the ward and decided she wanted to pretend to be some type of midwife. The worse part was I had to get my stitches redone. She popped them open somehow and because I had a spinal block, I couldn’t feel a thing.  

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