I was 15.  Let me give a little background about myself. My name is, lets just call me Cronut for privacy reasons. I am very spiratually sound. I have a necklace with a trident and 2 pieces of quarts that i always wear. I was using the ouiji board to make friends with demons. I was able to see the light in the dark (the good in the bad) well anyway lets just get 2 the story. I snuck out 1 night looking for a fight with rapists and murders. I know bad idea, right. I like to tie up criminals and call the police. With the company of a shape shifting demon on my shoulder as a parrot with razor sharp wings, who was my best friend. Well i decided to cut through the forrest. Bad Idea. I was walking when suddenly there were no noise from the animals. Not a single cricket. I turn around to book it when a Wendigo less then a foot away. It was about 8 feet tall, a baby. It scared the fuck out of me, but i was ready to fight. It yelled "I HAVE U NOW". Just then my best friend flew off my shoulder and attacked him in full demon form. He told me to GO. I booked it home frightend and salted the windows and the door. I never slept that night with my sword in hand and slept all day and so on. I hope it never finds me again. The warning is to never go in the forrest at night.


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