Hello! I submitted a story to you in 2016 about the spirits called Samodiva. For the people who want to listen to the first one it's from October 2016. I have a second scarier story about them this time, which happened two days ago.

Me and my friends usually do a night mountain hike to two peaks of a mountain in Bulgaria. The peaks are a few kilometres apart. There is nothing between them but natural plain with tall grass, bushes and a few forested areas. Just after the first peak, there is an old cottage where an old man acts as a rescuer for hikers in distress. He's a spry old dog who walks faster than us even in his 70's and we, by the way, are in our mid 20's.

Me and the two of my friends reached the first peak at around 11 P.M. It is 1800 meters above sea level and is completely covered by large boulders. It overlooks a city and we revelled in the beauty of the city lights for about an hour. Ate. And continued down the mountaintop and towards the higher 2300 meter peak 5 kilometres ahead of us.

We walked for about forty minutes when we reached the cottage but unlike before there was no one in it, the light were out and the door was shut. "strange" we thought. "The old man is here all the time, what's going on?"

Out of nowhere, we heard the agonizing yelp of a dying animal.

"What the fuck was that?" one of my friends said.

"I have no idea, we should go on." the other replied

"I think we should stay here for now. whatever is causing this noise I doubt we want to meet it." I said

But they insisted and after a few minutes we continued to our destination. If only we hadn't. We came across the site of the noise we heard, but it wasn't just one animal there. There were rabbits, coyotes, birds and rodents. Just piled up, all with the same finger-wide wounds in their rib cages.

"Boys I think we should go downhill to the resorts." I said

"Agreed," they said at the same time in unison.

All of a sudden I feel an arm on my face and I jerk it off and turn around pulling out my bowie knife. It was the old man. his face was white and his eyes were wide open. He put his finger to his mouth and pointed to the direction of the forest.

There were four of them. My heart dropped. "Oh fuck, not again." I thought to myself.

My friends saw them too and their jaws dropped.

"What the fuck is that?" one of them said.

"We need to move! Now!" I screamed.

We were picking up speed when we noticed the old man had a wound on his thigh. My friends picked him up and started walking quickly to the cottage.

Then we heard them a loud woman's laugh and a scream after it, and the sound of them giving pursuit.

We ran. Faster than we ever had. But one of my friends stumbled on a rock. The tree of them fell. But as they did a pistol fell from the old man. I picked it up and the old man said "The bullets are blessed with holy water, boy."

I nodded. I turned around and fired one at the things. I hit it in the shoulder and it screamed aloud as the others turned to their friend and looked back at me.

"We remember you." I heard in my head in an echoing voice.

I froze and didn't hear my friends yelling at me. we were at the cottage. I stared at them wide-eyed frozen in my position. my hand shaking with the pistol in hand.

They opened the door and one of my friends pulled me by the shoulder and forced me to run inside. We got in and locked the doors and covered the two windows with pieces of furniture.
I sat down on the floor and realized that I had pissed myself.

They were outside all night long. pushing and hitting the door. We didn't get a wink of sleep that night. We all left at midday still terrified.

We are never going there ever again.
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