My dad used to work for a freight company that delivered cargo all over the world via trans-oceanic routes. In his time working there, he has been to all of the important waterways in the world: the Panama Canal, the Strait of Magellan, the Bering Strait, South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca, Tasman Sea, the Torres Strait, Mozambique Channel, Bab al-Mandab Strait, the Strait of Hormuz, Suez Canal, Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar, English Channel - if you can name one, he has been there.   

However it was always when the ship he is on is traversing through deep international waters that he witnesses some of the most bizarre and terrifying things that most men have never seen nor heard of. More than once in his career, his witnessed whirlpools that emerged suddenly, or watch as a whirlpool grows larger and larger until the edge of it got dangerously close to the ship. He claimed that once a ship that he was on actually got pulled into the tides of a large whirlpool - the captain and crew actually got on their knees and stretched their arms out to beg for divine intervention as there was no other means of escaping the situation, but the ship got pulled deeper and closer to the centre of the whirlpool, and just before they were completely submerged, the ship was ejected out of the whirlpool like it was being spat out violently, and landed on the outer most edge of the whirlpool where the pull of the tides were the weakest, and the ship powered on out of that area. This is amongst the many reasons why my dad truly believes in the existence of a benevolent God, and is a devout Catholic. 

Even in situations where the ship, its cargo, and the crew were not in imminent danger, strange incidents would occur that completely defy human knowledge. On one very bright moon-lit night in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he was on night duty checking the perimeters of the cargo hold, when he was on the starboard side of the ship that he noticed an enormous dark shape slowly and steadily swim up to his side of the ship. He thought it might be an unusually large school of fish, or even sharks, or a giant squid - but the shape of the creature was far larger and rounder than any of those animals. He was gobsmacked at the size of the creature when it was finally parallel to the side of the ship - it was the same length as the 965 feet long vessel, which is almost 300 meters, that he was on! Even blue whales do not grow to that size! Even colossal squids do not get that colossal! He said the creature looked like a pitch-black goldfish - it was pure black from front to back and the most intense, darkest black that made it visible in the ocean even though it was night time in deep waters. It had a head with a round tip like a goldfish and the body was rather bulky but still streamlined like a goldfish, and the tail and fins were moving in a cascading manner with occasional relaxed flexes to propel itself forward slowly like most goldfish do. 

It was such an odd sight that several of the crew on duty that night just dropped whatever they were doing, and stood along the starboard to watch as the gigantic, darker than black goldfish-like creature moved beside the ship. Even the captain who was asleep in his cabin was woken up so that he could see the creature for himself, and make a note of it - which he unfortunately could not do because unless anything around the ship presented a threat to the cargo or crew or the structural soundness of the vessel, it was not recorded as per company policy. They watched in awe, and a bit of fear, as the creature propelled itself gracefully out of sight into much deeper water and did not appear again. 

When the ship docked at their next port, my dad had some time off, so he went to the nearest library to look for answers on what fish it was. Sadly, none of the resources he looked at gave any answer. Even when he asked the locals about urban legends or folklore regarding deep sea creatures, especially ones pertaining to enormous fishes, no one had a clue. Even today, with internet and tons of marine research being done, there is still no answer as to what it was my dad witnessed.

It has been 30 years since my dad saw that gargantuan black goldfish-like creature, and 20 years since he was in danger of being swallowed by an ungodly whirlpool, and he retired from that freight company 10 years ago. Now when anyone asks for the most memorable experiences of his time out on open waters, he tells these 2 stories. Whether anyone believed his tales though, that is irrelevant, because I know he was not alone in enduring those hair-raising moments at sea.
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@J-ion Thanks so much for the stories about your dad! I'm narrating it today 🙂 I do want to let you know that I shortened the list of waterways - While narrating it, the number of waterways you mentioned was a bit long so I just read the first four then skipped to "if you can name it, he's been there when it comes to waterways."
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