By Sunky

I am an off road truck driver in Russia. Sounds a little bland, doesn't it? Well, it isn't. I have to drive a large all wheel drive truck through the wilderness, hauling logs, fuel, etc. The truck that I drive is a 8 wheeled MAZ truck. The incident that I am going to relate has shaken me to my very core, and I nearly quit my job because of it. So, here goes:

It was late September, as I recall, and the nights were getting colder as the days passed. On this particular evening, I was tasked with driving some logs to a sawmill about 50 miles away from headquarters. I was going to object until my boss told me that I would be paid a large sum of money for this job.

So, i accepted. I went out, started my truck and backed the logging trailer towards the log pile. The loading process went without any trouble, and I set out on my journey. Now, let me tell you something about being an off road trucker. The Russian wilderness is absolutely beautiful during the day. But, when the sun sets, it's an entirely different. The trees form a near impenetrable wall of darkness, and navigating through this is hell for me, even with a gps.

The trip to the mill was uneventful, as it usually is. Nothing more than a pit stop at a fuel station. I dropped off the logs at 9:00 pm and went on my way.

As I stated before, driving through a forest at night is hell, and tonight was no exception. I was getting more and more tired as the miles wore on, partially from the cold (my truck's heater was broken), and from general tiredness. I was just about to stop and sleep in the cab, when I heard a noise, like a woman screaming. It was very loud, as my truck's engine tended to drown out just about everything.

I slammed on the brakes, grabbed my flashlight, switched off the engine, and jumped out. "Is anyone there?" I called into the darkness. No answer. I advanced a few steps eastward. "Hello?" Again, nothing. There was a loud CRACK to my left, and I spun around, shining my light at the source of the noise. I froze at what I saw. It stood about 15 feet away from me, staring at me. stared at me with large, unblinking, canine eyes. Its legs were long and thin, but not at all bony. Its arms were of the same description.

It wore a large wolf's head, while the rest of the wolf skin was used for additional clothing. It grinned widely, as if it were overjoyed that I had been stupid enough to gaze upon it. It pointed a clawed finger at me, opened its mouth, and screamed. It was the same scream that had caused me to stop i the first place.

I began backpedaling towards my truck, never taking my eyes off the.....thing. I scrambled int the cab, and frantically jammed the key into the starter. I put the truck into gear, and floored the accelerator. The engine groaned in protest, but I payed it no mind. When I was moving at cruising speed I looked in the mirror and saw the creature running on all fours. I down shifted and floored it.

The creature's outline began to fade as the distance between us increased. After a few miles, the creature was no longer in my mirror. Confident that I had evaded my pursuer, I stopped in a clearing and relaxed. i went to sleep and awoke at 7:30. I remember the time because of my truck's dash clock.

On a whim, I got out of the truck and walked around, checking for anything suspicious. I froze when I saw the engine housing behind the cab. There were long scratch marks along the length of the housing. What's worse, is that my truck had shifted position. It was directly parallel to the forest path the previous night, but now, it was perpendicular to it. For this to happen, it would require a massive amount of strength, as these trucks weigh many tons. I climbed back into the cab and drove the remaining miles back to headquarters.

My boss read me the riot act for the scratches, and I simply nodded and agreed with everything he said, as I was too tired and shaken to argue. I was demoted to doing paper work for a short time as punishment, which was fine by me. In my spare time, I did some research in hopes of getting some answers, and I discovered that what I had seen was known in the U.S. as a "skinwalker", a creature of native american legend. It wears the skins of large animals as clothes, mimics voices, and preys upon humans.

It was during my research that I had a very disturbing thought. If it was primarily a U.S. legend, how in the devil did it arrive in Russia?

Needless to say, I requested a different route after I was promoted again.
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