By Spro0gs

I've only told this story to two people. I don't care if you don't believe me, I know what I saw. I live in central florida. My house is right on the beach but if you travel two minutes inland you're in a swamp so dense it would be impossible to navigate if you got lost, but back to the story.

This happened when i was five years old. Me and a couple of friends went out to the swamp to go play hide and seek. Me being a tall kid, i often had to hide in very small spaces to play this game.

When me and a few friends went to hide i went off by myself; big mistake, while hiding inside a hallow log i noticed a awful stench, like rotting flesh with rotting leaves. a lot of time passed, it was very close to night and i decided to get out to leave after an hour of hiding. the stench was now stronger but i passed it as swamp gas. while walking the trail a saw this mound of mulch. as i was stepping over it, it stepped up right in front of me.

my blood turned to ice. because this thing was at least 9 ft tall. it was two feet in front of me and i was frozen stuck, any attempt to run or scream was futile.

it simply stood there looking at me. no face or any thing, just nothing but thick curly hair that smelled like shit. the arms went down to its knees with claws so long, i could almost feel it myself what felt like an eternity was mostly a minute .

I was not expecting what it was going to do next.

it simply turned to the left and in three strides was gone in the brush. as it did i ran so god damn fast, i did not even realize that i had pissed myself; that was the least of my worries, i made a 20 minute walk a 5 minute sprint. when i got to the parking lot my friends where there telling one of the adults that they did not know what had happened to me.

they all saw fear in my eyes tears streaming down my face, and they all asked what had happened.

i simply said that i saw a black bear because i knew that know one would believe a five year old with an active imagination. i learned later that this was a skunk ape and sightings where seen all over florida. I'm 17 now and i still drive past that trail every day hoping to never see that thing ever again.
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