Dark lord 5689
This incident happened to me on the Halloween of 2017.I  was out trick or treating with some friends when suddenly my legs began to hurt.I decided that I wanted to go home earlier then everyone else so my dad walked me home then he told me he was going across the lawn to the neighbors house across the lawn.I said ok and that was that.I began to eat my candy when suddenly my vision became wired.I could see what I could only describe as black snowflakes.I tried to move but I couldn’t.Suddenly I could move my head slightly and standing in the toy room was a tall humanoid figure.There were no lights on in the room so I couldn’t make out any features other than a wight head with no face and tie but Suddenly I could move again.I looked in the room and the tall humanoid figure was gone.I do believe in the paranormal and believed that I had just had a paranormal experience.The white head and tie matched the description of the slenderman.To this day I am convinced that was the slenderman though I wonder what his intentions were.From what I know about the slenderman when he visits you it’s not for a good reason.Was he there to hurt or kill me or take me to his mansion and make me his slave.I wonder what stoped him from achieving his goals.My Nana died the previous year from lung cancer and I wounder if her ghost saved me that night.My Nana loved me dearly and I know she would do anything to  save me and would not allow anything bad to happen to me I had dreams about her the next few days after so I know if the slenderman ever shows up again he will be leaving empty handed.
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