So me, my family, my boyfriend, and his family went to Europe for a vacation. Me and my boyfriend who we'll call John went for a walk in the woods. He and i both loved adventure which is what is one of the things that brought us together. My boyfriend brought a pocket knife for protection. We stayed in those woods for a while, so much so that it was turning dark. We stopped for a while because we were getting tired on our way back we saw something terrifying. A large half man, half dog like creature it was extremely large and muscular it had large sharp teeth, and large claws. I froze while my boyfriend looked toward it not backing up or getting scared. Now he was large 7 ft 6in he was a giant and went to the gym often nearly everyday for an hour while i was a 6ft and skinny teenager. But he had something strange happen to him when he got pissed his hair stood up on edge and his muscle mass somehow grows we still dont know what it is. thats when his hair a stood up and his muscle mass increased. He grabbed his knife, he told me to go to the apartment so i ran and i heard alot of grunts and growls. I got home and a bit later so did john he was badly wounded a large gash from his left shoulder to the middle of his left pec and an scar on his face from his chin to his lower lip. He said what had happened the monster charged at him he moved but it still got him in his chest good. Than he shoved the knife through its face and pulled it back out cutting it's face in two not before it got him in the jaw with is claw than made his way back to the apartment before passing out, he was taken to the hospital. He's fine now but for a while couldn't feel his shoulder or move it well either. Through some research i found out what we saw was a rougarou. If john wasn't there i don't what would've happened.
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